Tuesday, December 26, 2006


My new Vogue May, 1959 came in the mail. LOTs and LOTs of great ads.
Yummy clothes.
So many vintage pictures to choose from.
I decided to begin with a Maidenform Bra ad.
Well because when I was young I was a bit creeped out by them.
Those woman running around town in their undies just bugged me.
I could never figure out how an adult could forget to wear her clothes.

Now, of course, I find them just charming.

Click here to go see a bigger image and the ad copy.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fun Stuff and Geekdom

Over on Life of a Jersy Girl (which is the blog for Dandelion Vintage) I was reminded of my uber-geekiness. Harry Potter and the Dangerous Hallows is the totally stupid name of JK's last (weep) and probably longest Potter book.
Why uber geek?
Because I must dissect the name. Deathly Hallows. What does it mean?
My first thought was that it deals with locations. Godric's Hollow is where Harry's parents lived and died when he was an infant. Could the graveyard where they are buried
have "hallows" in its name? Deathly Hallows sounds like a wizarding graveyard. Will the final battle be fought in Godric's Hollow?
Will Snape be allowed to live?
Probably not.
Damn you JKR for your obvious Snape hate.

I was also pointed to Vintageswaps.com by DV.
How cool! I will be signing up.
I lurv to get goodies in the mail and send them.
On the Vintage Clothing board on eBay we have a Secret Santa each year.
We get the best stuff.
See what I got this year from Cim in Oregon.


A 1948 Good Housekeeping along with 2 copies of "Le Petit Echo de le Mode, Hebdomadaire" 1950 and 1949. I have no idea what they say, but there are some great fashions and I think they are, I want to say, pattern magazine/newsletter type thingee.

Ymmy candy, great soy candle, beeswax lip balm (how did you know I am obsessive about lip balm?), shea butter leamongrass lotion bar (last 3 from a friend of Cim's who makes it all), some notecards with fab shoes on them, and a vintage liquid measuring glass in french.

Warm and soft scarf that Cim's mom made, vintage clip (yea!) earrings, vintage pin, scarves and a pretty vintage stocking/lingerie holder.

See what I mean.

I also want to point you to the website where you can buy the amazing Shea Butter Lotion Bar I got. It is GREAT. Smells wonderful and my hands love it.

Go check out Beecrowbee.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vintage Image OTD

Vogue 1955
"waist nipper combining corset, bra, petticoat"
The perfect foundation for the"New Look" silhouette. Not only do I think this is just a gorgeous photograph, I am in love with that chair.
What a great Atomic/MCM fabric.
I think I'll use this on the front page for a bit.
Nice splash of sexy elegance.
Go Here for a larger pic.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vintage Image (VIOTD)

Vintage Van Raalte Slip AdLife Magazine, 1946
Van Raalte
Because You Love Nice Things
Vintage Image of the day shall be henceforth be known as VIOTD.
So I have spoken, so it shall BE!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vintage Image O'Rama

Over on my website I've begun adding a vintage image a day.
Now that does not mean everday, but "vintage image of the day"
of the day has a better ring to it then "vintage image of the
biweekly post".

Am I right?
I'll preview each pic here along with my oh, so witty comments when
I remember.


Witty comment:
Me want that room.
Except for the pink walls, the Goddess does not do pink walls.
That is all.....
How Many More Shopping Days Till Christmas?

The question was asked on a message board:

have you even started your christmas shopping yet

My answer? hahahahahahahahaha

No really...hahahahahahahahahaha

Actually we did manage to get a "lobotomize your teen" Wii, and it is doing its job very nicely, thankyouvermuch.

We have an extra paycheck this month sooooo the very over the top consumption (of which I am, as always, asshamed of but am doing my patriotic duty in making sure our economy continues to chug along until the next election) that is the hallmark Christmas to me (and probably makes baby Jesus cry) each year.

Gotta buy my hubby's liquor request and DVD's, few more things for The Boy and lots 'o gift cards for others....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Dress for a Dame

We all know there is nothing like a Dame.
I've always liked the word dame. I hope someday I will be remembered as such.
"she was a great dame"
"she was one tough dame"
I think of a Dame as a gal who knows who she is. Can be tough when she needs to be, but knows when mercy is called for.
Great in bed.
Feminine without being prissy.

Normally the word brings to mind 40's stars like Katherine Hepburn,
Joan Crawford or Bette Davis....of course I think the last two would say the other was just a bitch.

This dress is made for a dame...think Faye Dunaway.
Yes it is 70's.
Yes it is flame orange and not black.
But it is FABULOUS and from Luis Estevez a designer who, in my humble opinion, receives nowhere near the accolades he deserves.

From the seller, Catbooks1940s
" This fabulous Estevez evening gown is from the 1970s, and is so very representative of his work from this period. It's a real entrance-making dress.
Very sexy, with the plunging draped surplice bodice, yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time. That particular trick was part of his genius. "

Now I could leave this post here and just send you on your way to purchase this dress from Joan. Except you need to make sure you look at her other items. I am continually amazed at what she finds.

She has an amazing eye and each and every item in her eBay store is excellent. There is an exquisite Matsuda Fishtail Jacket, a perfect Marimekko two-piece dress, a super sexy sculptural purple Thierry Mugler jacket and an Ungaro Victorian style dress I would dearly love to own. Her pictures are lovely and almost every listing is a small lesson in fashion history. So take some time and swing by Catbooks1940s and spend sometime looking around.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dona Nobis Pachem

Driving home I put in a CD by Beth Nielsen Chapman
that reminded me why I came back to THE CHURCH
(that is the Catholic Church, ya know the one true Church)
in the first place. I missed the truth, The Mass, a real liturgy and
the lovely and sometimes haunting hymns and chants. Not the post
Vatican 2 crap, but gems like Adoramus te, Christe or
Ave Verum Corpus.
I can be moved to tears at times.
The ones for the Holy Mother I like the best.

Last night was glorious.
Crisp, with a clear sky and a full moon.
I sang Dona Nobis Pacem and all seemed right with the world.
And that is my prayer, Dona Nobis Pacem...
Give us Peace.

To hear what I was listening to last night go to this link on Amazon and listen:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Emma Domb

Yes, I know that I promised a drinking game based on my typos to Michelle, she of the oh so sexy under things and the best lingerie pictures (and the reason I mention that is because they really are lovely. Sexy without being skanky, which is really hard to achive, just look around at other sellers with live models) around at DollHouse Vintage, but I want to point out my Emma Domb first.

'Cause I need Christmas money AND I just don't have the game ready yet.....

There is a bit of research involved in an endeavor like that and I ran out of tequilla.

So instead I will show off the Vintage 50's Emma Domb halter dress I have in listed
at Damn Good Vintage.
Man, she is hot.
Circle skirt, illusion bustline, and freaking poinsettias with rhinestone
centers. Perfect dress for all of those holiday parties you are going
so. You do need to be itty bitty, not meth head model tiny, but sill very

She is pretty, no?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lost & Found & Browncoats

YES! I know I normally discuss vintage clothes.
Lovely, lovely clothes, but I have to say....

and you need to stop reading now if you do not want a Lost
spoiler. Here's a bit of eyecandy to keep you happy.

Ok. and really this is not that much of a spoiler, not like those assclowns who went all over the internet the day before Half Blood Prince came out screaming "SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!!!"

bastards .....

The last episode of Lost was just killer.
Kate finally doing the nasty with, OMG HAUT Sawyer Manliness
and the awesome evil Jack. Oh they all added up to a great episode. But what made, and I mean MADE my night was Kate opening the hotel door and who was standing there but Capt. Reynolds.


Oh Mal (that is him above for the uninitiated) I lurv you.

I still miss Firefly.

Damn you Fox.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Readers are a snotty bunch or an excuse to use Neil and Sandman pics in a post:

Sorry folks, but I just wanted to comment on reading a bit more.

Let start off by saying that I LOVE to read. I read all the time…anything.
I think the act of reading releases chocolate like endorphins in my brain.
It is a pleasure for me to read. (Well except for out-loud. I hated reading out-loud in school. Not because I could not read, but because I was 3 pages ahead and never had the right place when it was my turn. Plus I do not read well out-loud. My son was quite happy when he discover books on tape so he could hear the books he wanted without having to listen to me.)
I do not remember ever not being able to read.

It is not a pleasure for my husband. He ONLY reads for information. Reading is a chore for him. In case you think he is a dullard he had 4.0s all though highschool and was on the Dean’s list at a college not in Arkansas. Even comes from a family of readers, folks who always had one or two books going at a time, tons of books lying around.

My son is like his father, reads for informational purposes.
I’m not sure. They both are more logic/spatial type folks.
They both use documentaries extensively to learn more about their areas of interest.
Thank God for Netflix.
My son finds the internet a great source of information.
Luckily my husband is an adult and does what he wants and my son is lucky to live in a family that believes forcing someone to read makes them hate reading more.

(case in point: 2 teens, my nephew and a neighbor boy. Both very early readers, neither reads for pleasure anymore because they are constantly forced to read “for their own good” books that they hate/find boring. How often, as an adult to you force yourself to read a novel that you find boring? You don’t. You bemoan the fact you spent money on the drivel or send it back to the library.
And did anyone see the Southpark episode where everyone was labeled ADD and dyslexic because they fell asleep having The Great Gatsby read to them?
Who wouldn’t? )

I wish he felt the same about reading that I do. I wish everyone did.
But that is my point.
Not everyone likes the act of reading. There is no pleasure involved and for some it is a painful, hard chore.
We readers are a snotty bunch. We deride those who do not like reading.
Sigh and say how much they are missing by not picking up a book.
Assume they are slow, not intelligent, rednecks even.

I bet math geeks could say the same about those of us who do not find…well find what ever it is about math that gives them pleasure.
We Unschool, so what?

For my regular readers this will not hold much interest, but we are unschoolers and the NYT just had a nice little article with a friend being profiled. On a local news blog there was a discussion about them and unschooling and of course I had to jump in:

(just needed to add Snape because we have not seen him around here much)

Not everyone learns the same, thinks the same or lives the same.
Not everyone considers college the be all and end all.
Not everyone thinks that living in the Heights and driving an SUV to be the pinnacle of success in life.

Unschoolers get into colleges everyday. Universities and colleges are more then happy to accept students who have had a more non-traditional type of education. They like folks who can think outside of the box and come to campus with a different mind-set then most students from a traditional learning environment.

This is a conversation that does not work on a blog, but I’ll try.
Surely parenting includes providing some direction.In the fifth grade I would have insisted I would never need long division and I suspect my parents (who didn't understand it either) would have agreed. Do I use it now? Although I'm home all the time now, I'd guess I use it almost every day. As a simple example, how many (15 ounce or so) cans are there in a gallon can of tomatoes?

Hello? Am I the ONLY non-math person who uses a calculator in my life? Who went through a traditional education and looks in a cookbook to figure out conversions?
How many folks out there reconcile their checkbook without a calculator?
Right-brain, left-brain…we are all different. I can’t do math, but still have my own business.
Oh, and I was right, I don’t need algebra in my life. I’m glad I went to school when you only needed one math credit to graduate high school or I would have never done so.

I worry about the child whose mother complaisantly explained that he learned to read when he was seven. I fear that little value may have been placed on reading in that household.

Ummm, talk to any school teacher and they will tell you that even by 4th grade there are a good amount of kids not reading well. Or only reading, but not understanding.
Plus you missed the point.
He taught himself to read.
How? By being surrounded by books in a reading rich home. Being raised by parents who provided what he needed to learn on his OWN schedule not the schools.
(as an aside I have yet to meet an unschooling or even a homeschooling family who’s house is not FULL of books and magazines and learning games and internet access…well I could go on, but you get the idea)*
Ever wonder why so many kids are not reading by that arbitrary age set-up by the institutional schools and the text-book publishers?
Because they and their brains are not ready. All kids can not read by age 6 or 7. Some need way more time. Unfortunately they are in an environment that can’t allow them the time THEY need because of the amount of children that must be pushed through….not the fault of teachers, it is just the nature of the beast.
They could keep learning with their classmates if the information was being presented orally, but as they go up in grades text-books become more important. These kids fall farther and farther behind, get labeled and end up in resource.
A child at home does not have to meet some arbitrary learning schedule, but has the time to develop based on their internal time clock.
The assumption is also that if a parent does not “know” something then the child does not learn it.
Do you folks not use the internet?
I learn something new everyday from it.
MIT and Harvard have free classes you can take. There is information everywhere. As unschoolers get older they choose to access local colleges or find ways to apprentice to learn what they want that they can’t do on their own. It is still all about the teen making their own decisions about their education and life.
I’m sure some of these kids will end up as janitors, some as executives, some as teachers and some will write bestsellers that go on to be made into a major motion picture about dragons opening on Dec 15th at the Rave.
I’m also sure that most of these children will NOT grow up to be haunted the rest of their lives by damage done to them during their school years at the hands of educators and other students.

*I freely admit there are probably sucky unschoolers/homeschoolers (like those huge fundi family folks…even I worry about those kids) out there. But there are WAY MORE sucky families who’s kids go to school and fall though the cracks everyday. I really think that is where concern should be focused.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Target, You Suck!

Best Company Ever, my ass.

Oh, you pretend to be the good child to the evil that is Walmart, but

in the end you are just the same.

Treat your employees the same.

I hate you and will be glad when I have made enough for Christmas

so I can shake the dust of your money grubbing, employee abusing,

craptastic store from my shoes.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ebil Kitty Says:

Go NOW and shop the Vintage Blow-Out Sale on ebay!!!!
All items $19.99 or less
No Auctions!
Search Ebay using VBO
Nov 22-29
You have been warned.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Main Street Mall Online For The Holidays

I hate, hate HATE shopping at the mall.

I LOVE shopping online!

So Main Steet Mall Online is just the perfect spot for all your Holiday

shopping needs. Go check out all the great sellers there!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:

a Dooney & Bourke Large Tote!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rudolph and His Evil Brother Bob

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas so I've begun looking for vintage Christmas ornaments and such that are cute, but kitschy enough to fit my warped sense of humor.
Rudolph and his evil brother Bob over there really fit the bill.
50's? check
Cute? check
Satanic reindeer with red glowing eyes?
ohhhhh, double check......

I love the picture.
Rudolph: "Dude I told you stay away from me."
Evil Bob: "Come over to the darkside brother. Serve my master for all eternity....we have t-shirts and mugs, a 401K and an HMO."

Well, even if you DON'T think Bob looks like one of Satan's reindeer minions you have to admit the pair is cute, cute, cute. If you feel like I do about 50's Christmas then you need to head over to A Vintage Holiday on Mainstreet Online Mall to pick up this pair and more wonderful vintage Christmas items offered by the seller Fairylilly*.

*a name I just love

Friday, November 10, 2006

20's Decadence

Gentle readers you know of my love of 40's style, but I
really love anything old, beautiful and with just a bit of
over the top Nora Desmond type decadence.
This 20's metallic, fur trimmed jacket from
The Purse Diva over on Mainstreet Vintage
really fits the bill.

This coat is just spectacular. Colors are truly wonderful
- super rich - black, rust, and gold. Metallic floral, somewhat
Asian feel to the design. Giant glamorous black fox fur cuffs
and collar accent the overall design.

Evening martinis, cool jazz, bias cut gowns.....
Of course one really needs to have an amazing sense of style
to carry off a jacket like this. If you are a reader of this blog I
know you have that in spades.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Of course I would prefer you use
your vote to begin dismantling
the evil empire that has been in
power for the last few years, but
the most important thing is to just vote.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Mommy

I have been almost AWOL from my computer, except to check email and deal with sales for the last week.

The Boy had to have World Of Warcraft again after watching the South Park episode.
That was fine with me, lots of reading and such involved, he gets to kill mutant zebras thus working out all of his teenage angst and rage.
The wrinkle in the plan is that MY computer is the only one that will play the damn game.


So there has been lots 'o getting and fetching and "yes mom"s going on around here to keep me happy and allowing access to WOW.
How good of a mommy am I?

All of this means that I neglected to show what I got last weekend on my vintage hunt:
Men's Rockabilly Wool Jacket
20 Life Magazines from the war years
Cool aqua, deco water jug for the fridge

In the meantime I also have picked up a 70's green plush faux fur pea coat, a vintage Pendleton Men's robe, some great stilettos from the 50's and more fabrics.

Alas I have no pictures.
I am also catching up and will be adding Posh Girl Vintage and Dorthea's Closet on my vintage blog roll.

In the meantime that beauty above is part of, what will hence forth be known as The Zaftig Goddess once-a-month lingerie auctions.
It is gorgeous.
30's bias cut gown of the softest silk charmuse with silk crepe ruffles and lace.
Best part? That robe!!
Also listed a 20's peach silk slip or gown and some other pretty unmentionables.
Check out my auctions here.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday At The Sales

Well it was a great day, in the 70's and I found some really wonderful vintage stuff
to list and, well, to keep.

I got tons of 70's fabric.
Yards of vintage purple velveteen.
A few yards of atomic print barkcloth, looks like little martini glasses in front of a TV.
A vintage cape with fake faux leopard trim....it needs some new buttons.
The BEST, bestbestbestbest thing I got was this vintage straw and Lucite purse.

It is almost like the purse a few posts down
that is on my watch list, almost, but this one is mine.
All mine.
I will carry it all winter and thumb my nose at
the fashionistas who scoff at my
after Labor Day use of straw.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On My Watch List

This 30's gown from, Lucitebox on ebay, may just be one of the most luscious, beautiful things I have ever seen.
Besides the color, I do have a thing for emerald green, the lace treatment is just to die for. I love the way it is inset on the sleeve ends, there is a burn out velvet look to it.

Pre Raphaelite is what comes to mind.

From the listing:
I was so smitten with it, I couldn't stop shooting pictures. There's a lovely draped, cowl-like neckline that has an asymmetrical closure. The sleeves are outstanding. They're bell sleeves in velvet trimmed in ornately detailed lace. (There's even lace inset into the velvet.) There are two seams below the waist and a long velvet cord belt--and it just keeps getting better. The bias cut skirt trails down to form a long, glamazon train. (That's got a loop on it so that you can sashay around--martini in one hand, train in the other.)

Glamazon train with a loop!! How can you resist.
You can bid on this lovely piece of history here.

ETA: Erin over on Dress A Day came up with the perfect way to describe this dress...Lady of Shalott.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

On My Watch List

Yes I know summer is over. I am aware that in some parts of the country it may even be a bit chilly now. Here in the bible belt though, darlin' it was 90 degrees.
In honor of the summer that won't fucking end I give you
this super hot 50's dress from Liberty House of Hawaii.

I love everything about it; the asian inspired print, the grat strape treatment and, of course, that super sexy bust.
You can find this lovely on eBay from Hazel's on Park Avenue.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Damn Good Vintage Clothes this week.

Well I'm back to listing on eBay and have a crop of great items listed.
You can click on the pic to go see them all.....

The Accessory of the Season

Well according to Prada I think it maybe your vagina.

Go take a look.

It does look like they are wearing satin bodysuits, but still

there is no one too rich, thin or young who should wear a

"dress" (and I use the term very loosely) in public unless she gets

paid for sexual favors.

Monday, September 25, 2006

This great post from Diary of A Mad Fashionista concerning the super
thin waifs that graced a number of the runways this Fashion Week reminded
me of a thought that flittered through my mind while looking through
the latest issue of Vogue;
"the models all look like little girls playing dress up?"

Why do they use children to sell clothes to adult women?
Sure I would like to look 30 again, but I am not gnashing
my teeth because I no longer look 15 or 16.
Nor do I want to look like a Meth addict which most of
those poor children do.
Someone please feed the models.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lilli Ann

Well I finally got that vintage Lilli Ann coat back
from the dry cleaners.
Turned out very nice.
As I set down to list I began to measure.
It has almost a 50 bust!
So ladies I have listed a plus size vintage Lilli Ann mohair
coat. The color is a pretty salmon pink.
Go check it out over at Damn Good Vintage,
my store on
Mainstreet Vintage Online Mall.

On My Watch List

This great purse has been on my watch list for a bit now.
It is in amishtaxi's ebay store; affaire d'amour vintage.
I am sad to say that cash has been tight here at Goddess Central so I just get to look and sigh.
You, dear reader, may do more then window shop.
It is just a wonderful straw purse with a lucite handle
and accents.
Too cute!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big Hair and Fanny Packs

According to New York Magazine three is a trend and 2 of the "new" trends at Fashion Week are big hair and fanny packs.
Just like New Yorkers to think Big Hair and Fanny Packs ever went "out".
Here in my part of the South any chi-chi luncheon is full of these scary skinny wives of rich men with their skelator bodies and huge bobble heads.

The look to the left, in particular, is quite familiar.
Add a great big bow in back and it would look like any number of dress wearing, homeschooling, fundi gals I see everyday.

And though the fanny packs shown are cute, they are still fanny packs.
That is a look that will, once again, be abused by the same large size women who decided it was ok to wear hip hugger jeans with belly baring shirts to WalMart.

Think of the children folks.

Thank God the Go Fug Yourself gals are also in New York this week discussing the antics of Paris, Demi and the like.
On a bright note I love the Spring 2007 collection from Tuleh which is
very 40's vintage looking, wonderful prints, lady-like without being boring.
You know Hepburn would have worn a dress like this:

If the "vintage look" is what you crave why not wear real
vintage like this dress from The Vintage Peacock on Mainstreet Vintage?
While you are there don't forget to check out the snazzy goods at
Damn Good Vintage.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Utter Acts of Random Chaos and Some Vintage too

Lisa, the pattern maven of Miss Helene's Vintage Sewing Shope, has started a blog.
It is a hoot.
Plus she is a wonderful writer.
I've added her to blogroll on the side so stop by
Random Acts of Vintage.

On My Watch List

Normally I am watching vintage clothes or pattern lots on eBay.
Not right now.
All I want is this book from mybestbooks:

How could I not?
Look at the pictures. Tons and tons of lovely, snazzy, chic 1940's clothing!
I am drooling and seriously thinking about NOT paying a bill so I can have THIS BOOK!
Go take a look, the seller has done a fantastic job with the listing including a large
amount of pictures and chapter information. You might also want to check out the sellers
other items. She has a nice number of vintage fashion books listed this week.

I have never felt this way about a book before, well except for the new hardback reissues of
Sandman that Neil Gaiman will have out soon.
I would kill for one of those.

Here a a couple more illustrations from the book.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How do I love Thee?

Yummy Vintage Vogue Patterns.
I try not to be a snob, but I do have a real preference for Vogue Couturier Design
Patterns over any others.
You can have a dress that seems chic, but nothing special until you look at the details.
Each of the designs below have great stand-up collars, very new look and nice skirts.
But the details of each skirt! The first has a nice flare skirt with deep forward pleats
at each of the side seams. The second looks like a slim, wiggle skirt with bucket pockets.
The surprise is this back flare from deep pleats on each side of a wide back panel.
Just wonderful.
Each of these patterns are available right now at auction on eBay from The Zaftig Goddess.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Speaking of Evil Overlords....

Just in case you have never read it I will now direct your attention to the Evil Overlords List, gentle reader. It begins:

"Being an Evil Overlord seems to be a good career choice. It pays well, there are all sorts of perks and you can set your own hours. However every Evil Overlord I've read about in books or seen in movies invariably gets overthrown and destroyed in the end. I've noticed that no matter whether they are barbarian lords, deranged wizards, mad scientists or alien invaders, they always seem to make the same basic mistakes every single time. With that in mind, allow me to present...

The Top 100 Things I'd Do
If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

Since I plan to take over the world someday this list is essential to my world domination.
And in case you enjoy Harry Potter and fanfiction I give you Big Name Death Eaters.

It makes me squeel with glee.

Fascits and Truthiness

Just need to spout off about a few thing:

-The Emmy's sucked except for this which has raised the lurv I feel for both
Jon and Steven to new and obsessive heights.
I thought even Manilow was thinking WTF? when he won.

-According to Rummy I seem to be a "new kind of" fascist.
According to Webster's Bush and company are.
"political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition 2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control".


I don't know how I can stand the "big lie" for 2 more years.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vintage Blowout Sale!!!

Do you love vintage clothes?
Like 'em at a bargain?
Then get thee to the Vintage Blowout Sale (VBO) going on
this Labor Day Weekend sponsored by the great vintage sellers
on eBay's Vintage Clothing and Accessories message board.
All items fixed price, 19.99 or less, no auctions, Aug 30th-Sept 6th!
Just search keyword VBO.

Don't forget to check out what the Goddess has listed this sale.
I'll be adding more items daily.

Friday, August 25, 2006

How cool is this?
I sold these 2 dresses sometime last year to Ancient Chineze Secret.
They were just wonderful dresses.
The gray is an almost sharkskin gabardine, wiggle perfect with this
bust defining bow on the bodice.
So Hot.

Here they are again.
Don't they look wonderful on a real live woman and not a mani?
(Which is amazing for me to say since I normally do not like models for vintage clothes.)
My babies are all grown up.