Monday, November 13, 2006

Rudolph and His Evil Brother Bob

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas so I've begun looking for vintage Christmas ornaments and such that are cute, but kitschy enough to fit my warped sense of humor.
Rudolph and his evil brother Bob over there really fit the bill.
50's? check
Cute? check
Satanic reindeer with red glowing eyes?
ohhhhh, double check......

I love the picture.
Rudolph: "Dude I told you stay away from me."
Evil Bob: "Come over to the darkside brother. Serve my master for all eternity....we have t-shirts and mugs, a 401K and an HMO."

Well, even if you DON'T think Bob looks like one of Satan's reindeer minions you have to admit the pair is cute, cute, cute. If you feel like I do about 50's Christmas then you need to head over to A Vintage Holiday on Mainstreet Online Mall to pick up this pair and more wonderful vintage Christmas items offered by the seller Fairylilly*.

*a name I just love

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