Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pro-Life is Anti-Women's Health

This is a direct result of Pro-Life, Forced Birthers making it harder and harder for Doctors to choose to be trained to perform abortions. A heartbreaking (and as a woman incredibly chilling) Twitter feed of a Doctor who had to force a teenager to deliver her dead baby because there was no Drs. available who could perform a therapeutic abortion on a dead fetus.

"At noon, I got a call from my hospital. A teenage prenatal patient of mine was there. 21 weeks along. Bleeding, with pain. I ordered an ultrasound. It turned out there wasn't major bleeding... but her amniotic sac had ruptured. No fluid left at all. 
So, a teenager w/a "late," but not viable, fetus that cannot survive. After rupture, delivery will occur, and/or infection. Think Savita.
2 treatment options: 1, induce labor; 2, operative dilation & evacuation. In other words, an abortion.
No one at my hospital is able to do a D&E. Bc you have to do a bunch to be good, no one can do it who didn't opt in to abortion training."

*I want to stop there. A hospital in an AMERICAN city that has NO ONE who could do a D&E. This is what is wrought by bastards like Rapert and Mayberry. This is the fault of women like Lila Rose.*

"So. I call the nearest academic hospital. They tell me the next time an appropriately trained Dr is available is 4 days away. I call another academic hospital. Same story: most of their docs aren't trained. Only one is, & s/he is only there 2 days a week. So there I am, w/a teenager w/a doomed fetus, crying from grief & pain,& I tell her, there is no doctor who can do your surgery for 4 days. 
So I have to tell her, after that grief & pain, she has to labor & birth a dying fetus. ALL BC NO ONE IS WILLING TO DO ABORTION TRAINING.

So basically the girl was forced to go though labor (and screw you if you think it is no big deal to go though labor to push out a dead baby. Screw you.) and deliver a dead baby. A trauma she would NOT have had to endure if there had been a doctor (in a city with fairly liberal abortion laws) who could perform an abortion. A delivery that put her life at greater risk.

You pro-life forced birth folks out there think it is GREAT there are less and less Doctors who perform abortions, but there is a reason we need them. I bet some of you are even thinking the slut got exactly what she deserved. I am livid. I pray to God that if at my advanced age I end up pregnant that there will be a Doctor in Little Rock who can perform an abortion. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Cumberbatch Love

Blizzard Memories

Pictures I took over the Ice/Snow Apocalypse that we had in December in honor of those about to sudder under the wrath of....NEMO