Tuesday, December 26, 2006


My new Vogue May, 1959 came in the mail. LOTs and LOTs of great ads.
Yummy clothes.
So many vintage pictures to choose from.
I decided to begin with a Maidenform Bra ad.
Well because when I was young I was a bit creeped out by them.
Those woman running around town in their undies just bugged me.
I could never figure out how an adult could forget to wear her clothes.

Now, of course, I find them just charming.

Click here to go see a bigger image and the ad copy.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fun Stuff and Geekdom

Over on Life of a Jersy Girl (which is the blog for Dandelion Vintage) I was reminded of my uber-geekiness. Harry Potter and the Dangerous Hallows is the totally stupid name of JK's last (weep) and probably longest Potter book.
Why uber geek?
Because I must dissect the name. Deathly Hallows. What does it mean?
My first thought was that it deals with locations. Godric's Hollow is where Harry's parents lived and died when he was an infant. Could the graveyard where they are buried
have "hallows" in its name? Deathly Hallows sounds like a wizarding graveyard. Will the final battle be fought in Godric's Hollow?
Will Snape be allowed to live?
Probably not.
Damn you JKR for your obvious Snape hate.

I was also pointed to Vintageswaps.com by DV.
How cool! I will be signing up.
I lurv to get goodies in the mail and send them.
On the Vintage Clothing board on eBay we have a Secret Santa each year.
We get the best stuff.
See what I got this year from Cim in Oregon.


A 1948 Good Housekeeping along with 2 copies of "Le Petit Echo de le Mode, Hebdomadaire" 1950 and 1949. I have no idea what they say, but there are some great fashions and I think they are, I want to say, pattern magazine/newsletter type thingee.

Ymmy candy, great soy candle, beeswax lip balm (how did you know I am obsessive about lip balm?), shea butter leamongrass lotion bar (last 3 from a friend of Cim's who makes it all), some notecards with fab shoes on them, and a vintage liquid measuring glass in french.

Warm and soft scarf that Cim's mom made, vintage clip (yea!) earrings, vintage pin, scarves and a pretty vintage stocking/lingerie holder.

See what I mean.

I also want to point you to the website where you can buy the amazing Shea Butter Lotion Bar I got. It is GREAT. Smells wonderful and my hands love it.

Go check out Beecrowbee.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vintage Image OTD

Vogue 1955
"waist nipper combining corset, bra, petticoat"
The perfect foundation for the"New Look" silhouette. Not only do I think this is just a gorgeous photograph, I am in love with that chair.
What a great Atomic/MCM fabric.
I think I'll use this on the front page for a bit.
Nice splash of sexy elegance.
Go Here for a larger pic.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vintage Image (VIOTD)

Vintage Van Raalte Slip AdLife Magazine, 1946
Van Raalte
Because You Love Nice Things
Vintage Image of the day shall be henceforth be known as VIOTD.
So I have spoken, so it shall BE!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Vintage Image O'Rama

Over on my website I've begun adding a vintage image a day.
Now that does not mean everday, but "vintage image of the day"
of the day has a better ring to it then "vintage image of the
biweekly post".

Am I right?
I'll preview each pic here along with my oh, so witty comments when
I remember.


Witty comment:
Me want that room.
Except for the pink walls, the Goddess does not do pink walls.
That is all.....
How Many More Shopping Days Till Christmas?

The question was asked on a message board:

have you even started your christmas shopping yet

My answer? hahahahahahahahaha

No really...hahahahahahahahahaha

Actually we did manage to get a "lobotomize your teen" Wii, and it is doing its job very nicely, thankyouvermuch.

We have an extra paycheck this month sooooo the very over the top consumption (of which I am, as always, asshamed of but am doing my patriotic duty in making sure our economy continues to chug along until the next election) that is the hallmark Christmas to me (and probably makes baby Jesus cry) each year.

Gotta buy my hubby's liquor request and DVD's, few more things for The Boy and lots 'o gift cards for others....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Dress for a Dame

We all know there is nothing like a Dame.
I've always liked the word dame. I hope someday I will be remembered as such.
"she was a great dame"
"she was one tough dame"
I think of a Dame as a gal who knows who she is. Can be tough when she needs to be, but knows when mercy is called for.
Great in bed.
Feminine without being prissy.

Normally the word brings to mind 40's stars like Katherine Hepburn,
Joan Crawford or Bette Davis....of course I think the last two would say the other was just a bitch.

This dress is made for a dame...think Faye Dunaway.
Yes it is 70's.
Yes it is flame orange and not black.
But it is FABULOUS and from Luis Estevez a designer who, in my humble opinion, receives nowhere near the accolades he deserves.

From the seller, Catbooks1940s
" This fabulous Estevez evening gown is from the 1970s, and is so very representative of his work from this period. It's a real entrance-making dress.
Very sexy, with the plunging draped surplice bodice, yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time. That particular trick was part of his genius. "

Now I could leave this post here and just send you on your way to purchase this dress from Joan. Except you need to make sure you look at her other items. I am continually amazed at what she finds.

She has an amazing eye and each and every item in her eBay store is excellent. There is an exquisite Matsuda Fishtail Jacket, a perfect Marimekko two-piece dress, a super sexy sculptural purple Thierry Mugler jacket and an Ungaro Victorian style dress I would dearly love to own. Her pictures are lovely and almost every listing is a small lesson in fashion history. So take some time and swing by Catbooks1940s and spend sometime looking around.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dona Nobis Pachem

Driving home I put in a CD by Beth Nielsen Chapman
that reminded me why I came back to THE CHURCH
(that is the Catholic Church, ya know the one true Church)
in the first place. I missed the truth, The Mass, a real liturgy and
the lovely and sometimes haunting hymns and chants. Not the post
Vatican 2 crap, but gems like Adoramus te, Christe or
Ave Verum Corpus.
I can be moved to tears at times.
The ones for the Holy Mother I like the best.

Last night was glorious.
Crisp, with a clear sky and a full moon.
I sang Dona Nobis Pacem and all seemed right with the world.
And that is my prayer, Dona Nobis Pacem...
Give us Peace.

To hear what I was listening to last night go to this link on Amazon and listen:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Emma Domb

Yes, I know that I promised a drinking game based on my typos to Michelle, she of the oh so sexy under things and the best lingerie pictures (and the reason I mention that is because they really are lovely. Sexy without being skanky, which is really hard to achive, just look around at other sellers with live models) around at DollHouse Vintage, but I want to point out my Emma Domb first.

'Cause I need Christmas money AND I just don't have the game ready yet.....

There is a bit of research involved in an endeavor like that and I ran out of tequilla.

So instead I will show off the Vintage 50's Emma Domb halter dress I have in listed
at Damn Good Vintage.
Man, she is hot.
Circle skirt, illusion bustline, and freaking poinsettias with rhinestone
centers. Perfect dress for all of those holiday parties you are going
so. You do need to be itty bitty, not meth head model tiny, but sill very

She is pretty, no?