Saturday, December 02, 2006

Emma Domb

Yes, I know that I promised a drinking game based on my typos to Michelle, she of the oh so sexy under things and the best lingerie pictures (and the reason I mention that is because they really are lovely. Sexy without being skanky, which is really hard to achive, just look around at other sellers with live models) around at DollHouse Vintage, but I want to point out my Emma Domb first.

'Cause I need Christmas money AND I just don't have the game ready yet.....

There is a bit of research involved in an endeavor like that and I ran out of tequilla.

So instead I will show off the Vintage 50's Emma Domb halter dress I have in listed
at Damn Good Vintage.
Man, she is hot.
Circle skirt, illusion bustline, and freaking poinsettias with rhinestone
centers. Perfect dress for all of those holiday parties you are going
so. You do need to be itty bitty, not meth head model tiny, but sill very

She is pretty, no?

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Sara said...

Our daughter's name is Emma Domb so we would like to buy her an Emma Domb dress some time. This is my favourite so far but I think it has already been sold - is that right? Thanks, Sara