Friday, December 22, 2006

Fun Stuff and Geekdom

Over on Life of a Jersy Girl (which is the blog for Dandelion Vintage) I was reminded of my uber-geekiness. Harry Potter and the Dangerous Hallows is the totally stupid name of JK's last (weep) and probably longest Potter book.
Why uber geek?
Because I must dissect the name. Deathly Hallows. What does it mean?
My first thought was that it deals with locations. Godric's Hollow is where Harry's parents lived and died when he was an infant. Could the graveyard where they are buried
have "hallows" in its name? Deathly Hallows sounds like a wizarding graveyard. Will the final battle be fought in Godric's Hollow?
Will Snape be allowed to live?
Probably not.
Damn you JKR for your obvious Snape hate.

I was also pointed to by DV.
How cool! I will be signing up.
I lurv to get goodies in the mail and send them.
On the Vintage Clothing board on eBay we have a Secret Santa each year.
We get the best stuff.
See what I got this year from Cim in Oregon.


A 1948 Good Housekeeping along with 2 copies of "Le Petit Echo de le Mode, Hebdomadaire" 1950 and 1949. I have no idea what they say, but there are some great fashions and I think they are, I want to say, pattern magazine/newsletter type thingee.

Ymmy candy, great soy candle, beeswax lip balm (how did you know I am obsessive about lip balm?), shea butter leamongrass lotion bar (last 3 from a friend of Cim's who makes it all), some notecards with fab shoes on them, and a vintage liquid measuring glass in french.

Warm and soft scarf that Cim's mom made, vintage clip (yea!) earrings, vintage pin, scarves and a pretty vintage stocking/lingerie holder.

See what I mean.

I also want to point you to the website where you can buy the amazing Shea Butter Lotion Bar I got. It is GREAT. Smells wonderful and my hands love it.

Go check out Beecrowbee.

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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Hi Julie,
You'll have fun with the swap. I did the Christmas one, and I've done vintage fabrics and color theme swaps in other groups. Always fun sending and receiving.

I'm a Snape fan and I do think Snape is a good guy, deep down inside. He's going to end up helping Harry in the end. I want to know what the rest of his worst memory was, what did Harry's parents did for a living, what are Unspeakables, is RAB Regulus and is he still alive, how important of a role will Neville play and is there any importance to that plant that squirted on them, is there a Horcrux in Harry's scar - so many questions !!

Happy Holidays, Carol