Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freecycle Retro Score

Freecycle is a great idea.
Unfortunately people are involved.
Normally I only give away...I think I have gotten 3 things from Freecycle; printer ink, an ugly recliner that my hubby loves and today's score.
I'm a giver.
I throw stuff out on the drive and say "first comes, first served", which I can only do on the metro Little Rock list and not the local Saline County list since the county list won't let you just leave the stuff out because, get this:
" Curbside or "porch" post are not allowed on Freecycle. With the high price of gas these days, if more than one member heads that direction to pick up your item, the other is out more than just the item, they're out the gas that it took to get there. Then I get angry emails."

Do I come across as someone who cares?

I leave it out on the driveway because people some people are stupid and rude and if you make arrangements they don't show up and they don't call to cancel. And then after you have given it away they are upset that you did not wait for them to just "show up" someday.
There are also the folks who want to tell me how hard up they are and why I should save my crap for them.
Or the folks who have a problem finding you even with a map and call and call and call and call.
Don't care.
Just want it gone without much to much contact.
What? You say bitch like it is a bad thing.

I'm also not one of those folks who care what they will do with my old stuff after it leaves my house; sell it, burn it have wild monkey sex with...I.Do.Not.Care.

All that being said freecycle does come in handy when you are looking for a 50's or 60's record/radio cabinet for your living room and don't want to pay money.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Vintage Finds

It is the cocktail hour and my cran juice and vodka looks great in this vintage 60's tumblers I got while out poking around at thrift shops and antique malls yesterday. Love the martini outline....says "anything goes".
Very me.
I also got these two atomic teacups.
I plan on collecting one of these sets, I really need new plates and all, just not sure which I like better....and which will survive the occasional dishwasher cycle.

This Blog is Rated R

So says this site.

Damn, and I wanted a NC17 rating.
I guess I'll need to do a better job.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

30's Glamour

When I think of the 1930's I think of bias cut gowns and slinky pajama sets and cigarettes in long holders. This is one of the reasons Sunset Boulevard is a favorite movie, besides Gloria Swanson's sadly sweet batshit crazy turn as Norma Desmond, the clothes and lingerie that she wears from her days of fame really are spectacular.
The 2 vintage bias cut gowns, though not as fab as Norma Desmond's, above are listed over at
Damn Good Vintage.

Now just yesterday a friend got a lot of lovely 30's vintage pajama sets along with this Munsingwear box. Here is a close up of the quite glamorous gal in her slinky pajama set. I love it.
Love the Deco background, love the green and really love the red and black set.
I bet Norma would have worn it.

If you love the 30's you might want to watch Dorothea's Closet for the next week or so for some really amazing 1920's and 1930's (one set has the best red and black Scottie Dog button...squee!) vintage lingerie.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doctor Who 3:12

Much love for Saxon.
I love the crazy.

Martha will save the world.

I'm just saying.....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New at Damn Good Vintage

I love a good vintage shirtwaist dress.
They can be worn for many occasions and are easy to dress up or down. The shirtwaist has been part of the American woman's wardrobe since the 30's, with straight or full skirts, and I am glad to see they may be making
another come back.
I also like black.
I wear a lot of black.
You NEVER go wrong picking black.

So this black shirtwaist dress makes me happy.

Nice skirt and a braid accent on the bodice.
This vintage organza dress
is also new and I think it would make the perfect wedding dress for a casual wedding.
I also listed this fun Hawaiian top from Royal Surf.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Blog and Today's Sale Finds
As if I don't have enough to do I have begun a vintage sewing and vintage patterns themed blog:
Sew Vintage Sewing

I think I'll mostly post "coming soon" vintage patterns I'm selling on Sew-Retro Vintage Patterns, cute patterns others are selling and vintage sewing stuff.

Today I could not resist the call of the local estate sales. No vintage clothes to be found, but I spent money on some barkcloth (to sell), a few patterns(to sell), a sewing box like grandma had (keeping...needs work), Stockings (to sell), a really cute sewing theme apron (can't decide if I am keeping it), vintage strawberry table cloth (keeping) and a girl scout paper doll set (not sure about it, the clothes are super cute) with some Jane Powell dresses thrown in.....
Here are some pics.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Got a new purse in the mail today and thought I would post a pic of it since it is constructed of vintage barkcloth.
Stephanie over at Pretty Baby Vintage has opened a new shop called PVB Handmade Goods over on Main Street Mall Online.

P.B.V. Handmade Goods is the sister store of Pretty Baby Vintage. Here, we offer a line of cute, original clothing and accessories that are reconstructed/deconstructed or reworked from other vintage pieces. We also make vintage reproduction apparel and accessories, specializing in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. We sew each creation ourselves on vintage Singer sewing machines and use a combination of vintage (or vintage inspired) patterns, fabrics and notions. We do use modern thread and zippers for strength and durability in our creations, though.

I love my new purse.
Nice and roomy, very well made, 2 HUGE interior pockets and a lovely pastel tropical print vintage barkcloth body.
What more could you want.

You can have one too.
Just stop buy PBV Handmade Goods and buy one.
If you can't find it, then make it

I found this great blog today.
Sew Retro, not to be mistaken with Sew-Retro Vintage Patterns, that is more like
a Live Journal group. Folks join and they post about what they are making or
have made using vintage sewing patterns.
Really great reads and some lovely garments being produced.

This is my favorite sewn of stretch denim:

Made from this pattern:

Very nice.
I'm adding the blog to the blogroll at the side so I can remember to go back more often.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

70's Owl Necklace

Owl's seem to hold a special spot in the heart of some vintage fashionistas.
I'm not sure HOW I actually feel about them.
I vacillate between
"ewww, creepy their eyes follow you" and "cool...owls!".
Whatever I feel I know you will like these cool vintage necklaces I put up on
eBay this week.
Kinda mod.
cool vintage.

Monday, June 18, 2007

06/14/07Brisky, Dustin R

06/15/07Pittman, Michael Patrick

06/15/07Sonnenberg, Kevin H.

06/14/07Bechert,, Michael A.

06/14/07Hollopeter, Josiah W

06/13/07Carriker, Casey S.

06/12/07Legrand, Damon G.

06/12/07Strong, Johnny R.

06/12/07Johnson, William C.

06/11/07Felix, Glade L.

06/11/07Payne, Cameron K.

06/10/07Fender, Llythaniele

06/10/07Ngiraked, Meresebang

06/10/07Herold, Adam G.

06/10/07Long, Brian M.

06/09/07Barnes, Eric M.

06/09/07Miller, Scott A.

06/09/07Endlich, Cory M.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just Wasting Time
Just sitting around messing with Stumbleupon before we head over to the parents house for Father's Day.
So far I have found this page Zefrank, you line drawing creates amazing art.
and cats....I love pages of cat pictures.
I've included a picture of Mr. Killer Kitty for your cat fix.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vintage Skirts

I'm surprised by the lack of love shown to vintage separates.
A vintage 50's skirt or blouse is just the thing to spice up your wardrobe
when you don't feel like going "all the way" vintage or vintage dresses just
don't seem to fit you right.

I was browsing around and found a couple of super cute skirts.

This 70's wrap around skirt is on ebay right now with a starting bid of $19.
Look, it has KITTIES on it.
Pink and blue Kitties.
With mice.
From Paddyrags.

I love the pink and brown colors on this skirt with flowers, frogs and butterflies from Abbys Vintage on ebay.

Monkeys folks...monkeys and creepy clowns on a 50's circle skirt at
Dress To Thrill Vintage.
I'm dying here.

Clowns freak me out, but monkeys make everything better.
Neil Love

Ya'll know I have much love for Neil Gaiman.
Stardust is a favorite of mine from Neil.
Stardust is now a movie that will be out soon.

Nice interview with Neil on BBC radio.
Better interview with Neil up on Ain't it Cool News.

PLUS I looked at the Harry Potter counter and it is only
25 MORE DAYS till Order of the Phoenix is released.
Gotta get ready for that midnight showing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Promote Yourself

Part of running an online business is the whole shameless self promotion that one has to do to get noticed.
This is something I suck at.

I've got great vintage clothes to sell, but have a hard time being noticed amongst all the other sellers out there, so it is nice when sites like the Vintage Clothing and Accessories Sellers Registry comes along to make my job a bit easier.

Stop by, sign yourself up (it is free) and get more links to your great vintage out there.

Speaking of great vintage clothes here is some more of that shameless self promotion!
I was on Dress-A-Day last week, or at least my fun (now sold) vintage 50's sun dress made with a great snail print.
It was too cute!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Patriotic Vintage

Red, white and blue is always fun to wear, but there is no better time then in
the next few weeks as we get closer to the Fourth of July.....and
if you are gonna wear RW&B you might as well make it vintage.
Here are a couple of things I have listed
right now at Damn Good Vintage.

Super vintage hipster set. Cotton flares and a cute sleeveless top which is mostly open in back. The vintage pants have a insert of red at the bottom. Cool.

Great silk Nat Kaplen vintage dress in red and blue, add a white necklace or shoes and you will look perfect.

I love this pair of vintage mod sling back flat shoes.
Awesome square toe box, nice and chunky.

End Shameless self promotion.

Monday, June 11, 2007

06/07/07 Newman, William N.

06/06/07 Sutton, Greg L..

06/06/07 Gajdos, Shawn D

06/06/07 Soper, Matthew

06/06/07 Cole Jr., Timothy B.

06/05/07 Kuglics, Matthew J.

06/05/07 Balmer, Ryan A.

06/05/07 Higgins, Andrews J.

06/05/07 Verdeja, Justin A.

06/03/07 Christopher, Caleb P.

06/03/07 Gagarin, Greg P.

06/03/07 Akin, James C.

06/03/07 Kritz, Tyler J.

06/03/07 Surber, Robert

06/03/07 Watt, Kimel L.

06/03/07Brown, Joshua D.

06/02/07 Dressler, Shawn E.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yes, I should be working on my listings for ebay, I've got
stuff to move outa the house. Nice vintage slip lot.
But I am not....
Why not?
'Cause I have been watching the scariest Dr. Who evah.
Scary, very that not gory kinda way with stone
angels who do bad things.
I so love Dr. Who when it has been as good as the last few
weeks. First the 2 Family of Blood episodes and now
this one.

God, I love YouTube and folks who are willing to say
screw BBC and their copyright.
If not for them then those of us not fortunate enough to have
BBC on Demand would be stuck waiting around for the SciFi
Channel to get around to running the episodes.

Don't worry SciFi, I'll be watching them all over again
beginning next month, but a girl has gotta get her Doctor fix.
Now just make sure you bring back Dresden Files and I'll be a
happy gal.

Don't turn around and don't blink.....

Friday, June 08, 2007


Requiem in pace

Today one of the best women I have ever known in my life
passed away after a 2 or 3 year battle with cancer.
Peggy Adams was an amazing friend, mother, wife, lover of life and human.
She had a huge heart, a fantastic laugh, a generous spirit and
a hell of a sense of humor.

This world is poorer for her absence, but our
lives are SO much richer having had the honor of knowing her.
From Peggy I learned that one could drive with a big ass rabbit in their
lap and that a sofa did belong in the kitchen and that life is too short
to fuck around worrying.
So tonight I'm raising my G&T in her honor.
Here's to you Peggy.

ETA: Peggy's Myspace page has some great pics of her.
Here is a write up on the Arkansas Times Blog.
And here is a bit of her obituary:

PEGGY LOPEZ ADAMS was 36 on May, 27, 2007. Although she left this life on June 8, 2007, following a two-and-a half year battle with cancer, her spirit will remain with us forever. She is survived by her husband, Steve; daughters Chloe, 11, Simone, 9; and son Loic, 5. All three children were home schooled by Peggy.

She was preceded by her father, Edwin Lopez, of Orlando, Fla. Additional survivors are her mother, Elba Lopez, and the families of her sister, Maxi, and brothers Edwin, Steven, and Clyde and 15 nieces and nephews, all of Orlando; and her mother and father in-law, Gay and Tom Adams and brothers-in-law Jason and Bryan Adams.

She leaves countless friends, many admirers, and many more who, when reminded of her, will warmly recall their vivid first impressions of a tough, beautiful woman who never suffered fools. Though it’s too often said of others, it was indeed true that Peggy transformed the room just by being in it. Her energy and charm were infectious; they sweetened a strength of character driven by a stubborn honesty. It was easy to envy Peggy. She kept her whole family on their toes and had the respect of everyone she knew, whether she intimidated them or loved them or both. Peggy will be missed, and she will be celebrated.

So Sad.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress"

I have been asked numerous times why I sell vintage clothing by friends and family members who know how much work is actually involved and how little money I make. My husband is constantly trying to get me to work PT at a "real job".
This story on the Bangor Daily News which comes by way of Couture Allure
is one reason why.

It made me tear up, stories about vintage clothing and their previous owners do that to me.
Vintage and Pre-1980's clothing, shoes, purses and other accessories such as
sleepwear and lingerie are links to the past. It connects us to the women
who went on before us and their daily lives.

By buying and collecting vintage you and I are preserving our history everyday.

I wonder what is the story of the dress above.
It is from
Horrockses in Great Britain. Did the original owner purchase the dress on a trip to London? Maybe she was on her honeymoon? Was she a transplant from the UK who married a Yank after the war. I love thinking about how it got here to me so I in turn can pass it on.

That is why I sell and collect vintage clothing and sewing patterns.

My New Sofa

I picked up this vintage green MCM naugahyde sofa
the other day when I got all those great shoes.
(Ignore the ugly carpet, I pretend it does not exist.)
$50, it was a deal and almost what I have been
looking for. My dad said "looks like a $50 sofa".......
It is the most comfy sofa I have ever had.
That round pillow came with it.
So happy.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Vintage Shoe Orgy
Hot shoes, bad pictures.

Went on a buy last week.

Got lots 'o shoes.

Couple pair of Spring-O
-Lators, some Delisio Debs......

All are sling back stilletos.

requiem in pace

06/02/07 Crouch, William J. DoD Confirmation

06/02/07 Catalan, Romel DoD Confirmation

06/01/07 Horner, Bruce E. DoD Confirmation

05/31/07 Domino, Chadrick O. DoD Confirmation

05/31/07 Baylis, Matthew E. DoD Confirmation

05/31/07 Bean, Matthew A. DoD Confirmation

05/30/07 Cuellar, Bacilio E. DoD Confirmation

05/30/07 Moore, Joshua M. DoD Confirmation

05/30/07 Lundin, James E. DoD Confirmation

05/29/07 White, Doonewey DoD Confirmation

05/29/07 Liggett, Robert A. DoD Confirmation

05/29/07 Correa, Richard V. DoD Confirmation

05/29/07 Weiglein, Joseph M. DoD Confirmation

05/29/07 Markham, Jonathan A.DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 West, Kile G. DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 Ewing, Anthony D. DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 Baker, Zachary D. DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 James E. Summers, III DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 Alexeev, Alexandre A. DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 Sanchez, Junior Cedeno DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 Church, Theodore U. DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 Heidtman, Keith N. DoD Confirmation

05/28/07 McFall, Thomas M. DoD Confirmation

05/27/07 Villarreal, Emmanuel DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Hester, Charles B. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Smallwood, Erich S. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Trussel Jr., Francis M. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Blodgett, Clinton C. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Bailey III, William Lee DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Dunn II, Clayton G. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Jaurigue, Michael J. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Millard, Gregory N. DoD Confirmation

05/26/07 Walsh, Nicholas R. DoD Confirmation

05/25/07 LaForest, Mathew P. DoD Confirmation

05/25/07 Rosa Jr., Alexander DoD Confirmation

05/25/07 Lindsey, David Paul DoD Confirmation

05/24/07 Caguioa, Mark R. C.