Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress"

I have been asked numerous times why I sell vintage clothing by friends and family members who know how much work is actually involved and how little money I make. My husband is constantly trying to get me to work PT at a "real job".
This story on the Bangor Daily News which comes by way of Couture Allure
is one reason why.

It made me tear up, stories about vintage clothing and their previous owners do that to me.
Vintage and Pre-1980's clothing, shoes, purses and other accessories such as
sleepwear and lingerie are links to the past. It connects us to the women
who went on before us and their daily lives.

By buying and collecting vintage you and I are preserving our history everyday.

I wonder what is the story of the dress above.
It is from
Horrockses in Great Britain. Did the original owner purchase the dress on a trip to London? Maybe she was on her honeymoon? Was she a transplant from the UK who married a Yank after the war. I love thinking about how it got here to me so I in turn can pass it on.

That is why I sell and collect vintage clothing and sewing patterns.

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