Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 2 Gulfport

The ocean!
Or at least the Gulf of Mexico.
Stayed at the Courtyard Hotel.
Very nice hotel. The lobby of course was remodeled after Katrina and is very nicely appointed.
I love a nice hotel.
Had an ocean view.

I should point out that the first meal of the day was a few Kystal burgers.

Second meal was at Half Shell Oyster House. I tried the Oyster Beinville which was totally satisfying. Luckily it was brunch so there was also a nice dink mix of champagne and cranberry juice.

Sadly there are still many signs of Katrina.
Large empty lots along the beach road with huge old trees and old stone and brick foundations interspersed with lovely old Southern homes.

We walked on the beach, watched the silly birds...the waves coming in was relaxing.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day One

Today was mostly driving though the Delta. Lots of talking and laughs until we began listening to Cabin Pressure which Mom found amusing.
Varner Supermax Prison.
A catfish farm.
Rice silos(?).
Went through a town named Tullulah and I think we drove along part of a canal.
Another town was quite scenic with a long lake that ran along the highway.
Now in a town outside of Jackson MS.
Hotel looked pretty sad from outside but the rooms had all been renovated and we got the bonus of a handicap room.
No idea why we were given it, but the bathroom is huge.
Wifi sucked (I was ridiculous looking walking around the parking lot trying get service...seriously) until I called the tech service (which the manager had provided for the rooms) and got it working properly.I think it is through Comcast.
Yay me!
And thank you tech guy from PnS WiFi.
Beds very comfy.
Time to sleep.
Tomorrow pouring rain, Gulfport, beach (maybe) and, it seems, a casino (never been to one) or two.

Here's the few lame pics I managed to take.

Taking A Trip

My mother and I are on our way to New Orleans today.
This is huge since I have not been on a real trip in years. Mostly because I hate to travel, but if I'm honest I've gotten a bit too attached to my nest. Leaving for too long makes me uncomfortable. So this trip is more then just a "happy 50th birthday" and more of a chance for the old me who used to enjoy new experiences and taking chances to reappear.

Wish me luck.