Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lesson Learned

Here is a hint.
After you take that Ambien, do not go online and shop or might end up bidding on items that you ALSO then turn around and BUY on Amazon.
You have been warned.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Support The Troops?

Jon Stewart hit it out of the park last night regarding the difference between saying you support the troops and actually supporting the troops.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag, Halters

It is Blog Tag Wednesday at the eVintage Society!.

Temperatures are rising and its time to show some skin! The halter neckline is a great way to leave a little to the imagination while exposing enough to stay cool and stylish. Lets talk halters!

1) Show us your favorite halter dress or top in your inventory (if you don’t have one, show us one another eVintage member has!)

I have this super vintage Johnathan Logan dress, not quite a halter but close enough OR the pattern below which has my favorite kind of halter dress....with a collar.

2)Marilyn rocked the halter bodice back in the 50s, but it came back big in the 70s…..which is your favorite era for the halter?

I prefer halters from the 40's when they were used in sportswear collections.

3)Bare backs are vulnerable, what’s your suggestion for protecting skin from the sun?

Don't go out until dusk? Or, I guess, some kind of fabulous umbrella with a bamboo handle.

4)Halter as top or dress, whats your preference?

Dress or swimsuit

5)A bra can be a challenge… suggestion for support?

How about those sticky one cups you can buy?

I'm taggin' Kitch-y-Cool Vintage next!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speak Up

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Wow, wouldn't I like to be the next recipient of the Governor’s Award from the New England chapter of the EMMY.
Such a honor to be in the company of such journalist like Mike Wallace and Bill O'Reilly.
Yep you read that right.
A prestigious award for journalism was awarded to Bill O' May 10th.
I'd say the award is no longer that prestigious if a loud mouth bully like Bill O'Reilly can win it.

Want to know the best part?
A journalist named Barry Nolan, who worked for the Comcast Network, was fired for having the balls to point out that O'Reilly was neither a journalist nor a gentleman and a bit of a sexual stalker.

Why are there not more folks like Barry out there?
What kind of pussies does he work for?
(you are right I called them pussies, what of it?)

Why do I care, besides the fact that I think Bill is an assmonkey who has been given a pass spew his filth long enough in this country? Here's why:

In your work life, they can fire you, as I found out, for quietly saying something that is widely known to be true. Put a lid on it.

And in our role as citizens, we have been told by O’Reilly to shut up, or Fox Security may pay you a visit. We are called traitors if we simply speak the truth about the absence of WMD’s – the way the war is going – the disgraces of Abu Ghraib, of Gitmo, of waterboarding. Shut up.

So, when exactly do they think we have the right to speak up? To speak the quiet simple truth, to people who have more power than us?

Well, I think now would be a good time. The fog of fear is lifting. The balance of power is shifting. People are beginning to talk to each other again instead of shouting. I think it’s time to reclaim the right to free speech – even if it comes at a price.

So speak up folks! Don't let FOX or this Administration or your loud mouth uncle keep you from pointing out when the emperor has no clothes. I know the Founding Fathers would be embarrassed with the way things are in this country and the shit we allow those in power to do without taking them out and tar and feathering the powerful.

Via Deus Ex Malcontent and Think Progress.

And here is another little story that shows how well the our military men and women in this country are treated.

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Arrival

With Dixie's passing I am worn out and thought it would be nice to not have a pet to worry about for awhile.
I still have a herd of dogs and cats, but they are all low maintenance.
So I was looking at a summer of the easy life when it came to pets.

Jebus, kill me now.......was I wrong.

Meet Tony or Natasha or Kitty or Fred......
We are not sure yet and it is fun to make your cat crazy.

Pretty cute, huh?
Everyone go awwwwww.

A feral cat had kittens under the house a few weeks ago.
Damn her.
I don't know if the rest are still there or if she just took off with them, but this little guy got left behind and almost made it into the dog yard from whence he would had not returned.

The Teen begged to keep.
"I'll take care of it".
He actually has been pretty good.

So far so good, I'll be glad when it knows where the litter box is and can eat hard kitty chow.
I'm feeling pretty ~meh~ about the whole thing, not because I hate kitties, I LOVE kittehs, I just needed a break.
I mean what could I do?
Let it starve or, better yet, get nabbed by one of those hawks that are looking at it like lunch?

It is a sweet kitty.

Memorial Day 2008

I was going to write a post, but Kim already did, she said it better then I would have.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Me and My Irene

I love vintage 40's suits.
I love vintage 40's suits designed by Irene or Adrian.
I love MY Irene suit.

What can I say?
It is made of awesome.

I love The Closer.
Can't wait till it comes back on.
I love the suits Krya Sedgwick wears on the show.

I love the Irene's she wears on the show.
I think my Irene would look quite special on TV.
Brenda would love it, I know she would.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Like Me

Really like me!
Thanks to all the awesome folks who voted for me on Lulu's Vintage Blog!
Checks are in the mail.

and thanks to Lulu for the nomination!

Still The One

I know, it is a pretty cheesy song from Shania.
But it describes the fact that The Mr. and I are still together and as of yesterday have been married for 24 years.
God, we look young.
He's been a pretty good hubby and I don't think I would trade him for anyone.
Well....maybe Clive Owen.

BTW that's a vintage 80's wedding dress there. It was as close as I could get to an Edwardian dress at the time (i did find a few but they were all to little) so I found this one at JC Penny.

eVintage Blog Tag, Your Slip is Showing!

I've been tagged by Dorothea's Closet Vintage for the eVINTAGE SOCIETY Wednesday Blog Tag.

1) Show us your favorite vintage slip in your inventory ....

I've had some amazing slips, but right now this red Vanity Fair half slip is my favorite. It has this sweet ribbon braided though the lace. I love it.

2) Lace trim or chiffon trim? Whats your favorite?

Oh I really love chiffon, lots of chiffon ruffles.

3)Colors or neutrals, whats your preference?

I like a bit of color. Red or maybe a purple slip.

4) Favorite label in vintage lingerie? (Vintage Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Movie Star, Barbizon....)

Van Raalte. The nylon they produced is some of the softest I have ever felt.

5) Full slip or half?

I really don't have a preference at all, I just like the pretties.

6)Slips worn as dresses in public…..yea or nay?

Sorry, as amazing as it sounds, I am a total prude when it comes to wearing undies as street wear. I like a little flash of slip or the ruffles of a full petticoat, but dude keep your lingerie to yourself.

I'm taggin' Kitch-y-Cool Vintage next!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love Ikea.
I want an Ikea here in Little Rock.
I want to buy an Ikea sofa without paying shipping.
There is a new development being built and this is just my little plea that Ikea put a store in there.
Plz, K.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It Has Been a Bad Week

Well, for the Republicans at least.

Why It is Important

I don't know how many of my readers is a Clinton supporter.
It is cool if you are.
As much as I would like Obama to be sworn in as President next January, I am just as cool with Hillary.
It seems though that some Clinton supporters are just a bit more annoyed that she may loose and are threatening to make a point by voting for McCain in the fall.

Seriously? (and I will agree that this has been both a sexist and racist campaign...but it is mostly from the Media and nutter minions of each candidate.)

My 1st thought is "are they mad?"
My second is how that make women look just a bit whiny.
My third is THIS is why it is so important to make sure we have a Democratic President and Congress! If saving the lives of American soldiers is not enough reason, then I do not know what is.
Fine, vote for McCain.
Remember that vote every time a solder dies in Iraq or even Iran.
Remember that when gas hits $6.50 a gallon.
Remember that when you read about all the working middle class families declaring bankruptcy.
Remember that when we still do not have a sane health care system.
Remember that when more conservative judges are put on the SC.
You remember that vote you made in Nov. 2008 and be proud of how you stuck it to the Democrats in 2008.

(I also have a bad feeling that if McCain is elected and we then go to war with Iran there will just not be enough troops to go around and we will have to re-institute the draft. I'm sorry my son is now 16. In 2 years he will have to sign up for selective service. I refuse, REFUSE to allow my child to go to war to prove how big George Bush or John McCain's penises are....cause really we all know that in the end that would be what a war with Iran would be about.)

On a much nicer note I have been meaning to post about the honeysuckle at my house that has been allowed to run wild in some areas. It has been blooming the past week or so and when it is humid or very warm my whole yard smells like a memory of a southern Gothic novel, like walking though honeysuckle wine. (I stole that last bit from Neil Gaiman)
Deep and cloying and just a tad bit decadent.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vintage Blog Tag

I've been tagged by Real Vintage for the eVINTAGE SOCIETY Wednesday Blog Tag.

1) Show your favorite Rat Pack look in your inventory (early 60s suit, fedora, tie, cufflinks, loop collar shirt…..)

I got nothing, Kim over at Fast Eddie's has this crazy smoking jacket. Smoking jackets always make me think if Hef and Hef makes me think of 60's cool.

2) Favorite Sinatra song?

All the Way or The Way you Look Tonight

3) Favorite Rat Pack member? (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr. or Peter Lawford)

Frank is my man.

4) Best Sinatra “era”? (40s young & skinny, 50s swingin’ crooner or 60s Rat Pack suave?)

60's Rat Pack baby.

5) Favorite Sinatra wife? (Nancy, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow or Barbara)

Hands down Ava, stunning and NUTS......what a great combination.

6) Been to Vegas, how many times and best Vegas story (keep it clean!)

Never been and it makes me feel pretty bitter.

It is Kistch-y-Cools turn!

Like Christmas and My Birthday Combined!

This is going to be the BEST. SHOW.EVAH!

Via Jezebel.
Remember all those over-privileged spoiled brats from My Super Sweet 16? Well, MTV has enlisted kids from past episodes to star in Exiled. The hook? In each episode, each one of the kids is sent to a different third world country to live with a family and "learn" the meaning of hard work and the meaninglessness of material possessions .

I think I watched about 15 min of one or two episodes of My Sweet 16 cause Josh loved sitting and laughing at the girls and their parents. I just could not stand the show.
Exiled on the other hand sounds like it is gonna be made of awesome.
I enjoy nothing better then spoiled little rich girls having to face reality.
Hope that MTV is paying the host families tons o' money to put up with these brats.
I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vintage Blog Tag

Its time for Wednesday blog tag again! Ang from Real Vintage tagged me.

The temps are on the rise and its time to think about swimwear….what better way to stand out on the beach than in a vintage swimsuit?


I really like this Cole vintage 60's suit with the side bust drape.




Rose Marie Reid


A nice cold Vodka Cranberry


Dear GOD! A one piece with a skirt on it......

I'm taggin' Kitchy Cool next!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vintage Purses

More scans of my favorite vintage purse images from that great desk calendar of mine. A nice mix of 40's to 60's with a great Enid Collins in the mix.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cake or Pie

Today Senator Obama bought cake, Pound Cake, for some folks in a diner.

Kinda cool.
I love pound cake.
Paid for it with his own money, no campaign staffer running behind him to deal with that and on a bill of $26 he left a $10 in the tip cup.
I think you can tell a whole lot about a person by how they tip...or don't.

Of course it also got me thinking what is more elitist?
Pie or cake.
Will Chris Matthews deride his decision to treat those people to cake rather then pie?
Josh would say pie, but he thinks everything is better with pie.
I think Pound Cake is pretty working class.
What about you?

File Under "Growing Up"

Today my son, who is all of 16, started his first job.
Pushing carts.
He almost got run over by an old lady and a customer pushed a cart at him and hit his knee, got sunburned, but all in all I think it was a good day.
Quite a step for him.
He has always had issues (debilitating at times) with new experiences, so even the fact that he was able to go though the interview process with people he did not know in an unknown environment is a huge, HUGE step for him.
I'm so proud and sad at the same time.
Like they say they do grow up way too fast.