Monday, May 26, 2008

New Arrival

With Dixie's passing I am worn out and thought it would be nice to not have a pet to worry about for awhile.
I still have a herd of dogs and cats, but they are all low maintenance.
So I was looking at a summer of the easy life when it came to pets.

Jebus, kill me now.......was I wrong.

Meet Tony or Natasha or Kitty or Fred......
We are not sure yet and it is fun to make your cat crazy.

Pretty cute, huh?
Everyone go awwwwww.

A feral cat had kittens under the house a few weeks ago.
Damn her.
I don't know if the rest are still there or if she just took off with them, but this little guy got left behind and almost made it into the dog yard from whence he would had not returned.

The Teen begged to keep.
"I'll take care of it".
He actually has been pretty good.

So far so good, I'll be glad when it knows where the litter box is and can eat hard kitty chow.
I'm feeling pretty ~meh~ about the whole thing, not because I hate kitties, I LOVE kittehs, I just needed a break.
I mean what could I do?
Let it starve or, better yet, get nabbed by one of those hawks that are looking at it like lunch?

It is a sweet kitty.

3 comments: said...

Ava's suggestions are Fluffy, Keesha and Babypaws.



Lisa said...

Hans. Hans Gruber.

Or is it a girl? Very cute!

Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

Hans Fucking GRUBBER, awesome.

I like Babypaws too.

Maybe it should be Hans Gruber Von Babypaws?