Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am now all about Crying, While Eating. Funny, funny, funny. I love some of the reasons they are crying.
What he's crying about:
Parenthood like being pecked to death by small chickens

What he's crying about:
Poor chain letter etiquette has induced bad luck

What he's crying about: Not omnipotent I think I'll cry about the last one too.
DAMN I want to be omnipotent or at least an evil overlord....
then I could have minions.
I like minions.
As my friend Ang says: "Minions are good."

I would even provide them with a 401K and hats...or at least coffee mugs.

Jean Muir and the 70's Does 30's Dress

Over on Dress a Day Erin posted a picture of Carmen in a great
dress she made from a vintage 70's Vogue Couturier Jean Muir
pattern # 2756. It really has that 30's feel to it. Which is nice
since it can be easier to find a 70's pattern you can use then a
30's one. Just the use of the correct fabric can give you the period
feel you want.
I am forever on the hunt for the perfect 40's look shirtwaist dress
is size "OMG you are so huge" which seems to be a size the pattern
companies don't want to provide shirtwaist dresses in.

So far I have liked all the Jean Muir patterns I have seen. They are
pretty and feminine with out being saccharine. Right now
The pattern above is for sale at Sew-Retro. I don't like it as much as the one
Carmen used, but I do like the vague 20's/Renaissance feel of it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A way to waste time, YSL, Harry Potter, Milk and the Amazon reviews

I'm wasting time when I should be working.
A YSL jacket post on a vintage clothing board got me googling YSL collections, YSL 80's, ect.(why don't these older design houses have their previous collections online...what a great thing that would be!)
All this googling led me to Amazon and forced me to click on a Milk listing (yes milk) that I had just clicked last night from a link on and read the reviews.
I had forgotten how funny they can be.
I once read a review on Amazon for a birch wood cutting board left by a Bellatrix Lestrange, resident of Azkaban in the United Kingdom, stating that the "board was nice for cutting up muggles, but can be a bit slippery".
There was the whole Anne Rice wank when she decided to write (with no paragraph breaks) a long rant against her reviewers (who are just folks who have bought her books for the most part) who said her books pretty much sucked after Queen of the Damned...which they did.
So for some giggles go read the reviews for Tuscan Milk on Amazon.

Crocodile Tears

Lisa on Random Acts of Vintage writes about one of the dangers
of selling vintage clothing.
There is always a chance you have to part with what you love.
And part with them she must.

These shoes are fantastic! I have held onto them for months, just so I can look at them, because alas, they do not fit me -- but I love them, nonetheless. Screamin' 40s fashion, they are constructed of red faux reptile, and feature a slingback style with a gold colored buckle. They are marked a 6 1/2. My friend tried them on, and they fit her fine -- and she wears a 7. Imagine yourself poolside at VLV with these little babies! They are pinup-worthy, and ready to wear. Check the package for my tears, because I will surely cry when I ship them, they are so beautiful!

They are up at auction right now on eBay.

Friday, January 12, 2007

On MY Watch List

A vintage faux fur coat is better then real fur and when it is leopard
lined in emerald...well nothing could be better.
This swing coat could be one of the best I have seen.

This amazing coat is available right now, on eBay, from Capricorn Vintage:

A FABULOUS vintage late 50's, early 60's swing coat in luscious faux Leopard fur! The *best* part of this one is the shimmery emerald green lining! It seems most vintage leopard coats have a black lining. But this one is special! It's ultra glamorous. The fur is a very nice quality with individual faux fur "hairs" for an authentic look.

The seller consistently has some of the best vintage clothing on ebay and is a great gal to boot.