Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jean Muir and the 70's Does 30's Dress

Over on Dress a Day Erin posted a picture of Carmen in a great
dress she made from a vintage 70's Vogue Couturier Jean Muir
pattern # 2756. It really has that 30's feel to it. Which is nice
since it can be easier to find a 70's pattern you can use then a
30's one. Just the use of the correct fabric can give you the period
feel you want.
I am forever on the hunt for the perfect 40's look shirtwaist dress
is size "OMG you are so huge" which seems to be a size the pattern
companies don't want to provide shirtwaist dresses in.

So far I have liked all the Jean Muir patterns I have seen. They are
pretty and feminine with out being saccharine. Right now
The pattern above is for sale at Sew-Retro. I don't like it as much as the one
Carmen used, but I do like the vague 20's/Renaissance feel of it.

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Kate in England said...

HA! You and I both went looking after reading Erin's post - I just bought a copy of that pattern from Ebay as I couldn't find the one Carmen made anywhere... still looks cute though. I will give it a go!