Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So welcome and hello to Damn Fine Vintage. That could be a play on my age or on the clothes I sell on ebay. Either way it is all good.
I'm The Zaftig Goddess and you can find me on ebay at The Zaftig Goddess Vintage .
So let's begin with a long overdue post on The Golden Globe's and fashion:

I love awards show fashions and here is my take on what we saw.
BTW, before I begin let me comment first on Gwyneth Paltrow and her perennially droopy tits. Why is she allowed to leave the house without a strapless bra on? Does she think the entire world enjoys her droopy boobs? What is the deal with Paltrow and her boobs?
Why do so many stars not seem to understand the need for;
A. Boning within ones gown
B. Proper foundation garments?

Ok, now that I have gotten that off my chest.....

So here is my list of favorites in no particular order:

Camrin Manheim...if you got it flaunt it baby! Great dress.
Debi Mazer...My favorite 50's Barbie doll. She always looks hot, even as preggers as she is. That blush pink, satin coat was! Perfect Rockabilly sweetheart.
Felicity Huffman
Natalie Portman
Emmy Rossum
Marsha Cross...except for her skelator chest, just scary.
Michelle Williams
Resse Witherspoon
Zhang Ziyi...what a wonderful color and such a lovely dress.
Emma Thompson....though she has a great bod once again the lack of foundation garments detracted from her lovely gown, but she looked like she was having so much fun with her fur. I also liked the eye candy on her arm (Colin Firth)

Then of course there was:
Fergie...I just do not get her. I guess we are lucky she did not wear her "formal" shorts.
The above mentioned washed out Paltrow and her boobies.
Hedi Klun...who also seemed to forget her bra
Mariah Carey
Pamela Anderson...close, but no cigar...

None of the above was horrid...well maybe Mariah Carey and Drew Barrimore, but she has been such a sport about the remarks that her and her gals are just fine.

Where is Courtney Love when you need her.