Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Stop

The Church needs to stop with the Op Eds and the bull shit from people like Bill

If I was talking to the Pope right now I would tell him what I think we Catholics need from our Church.
I need to hear is this:
quia peccavi
nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere:
mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa.

I want to hear repentance.
I want 2011 to be the year The Church goes though a deep and meaningful penance.
I want the Pope and the Cardinals and the Bishops to throw off their vestments and wear some form of sack cloth and ashes for that year.
I don't want the Pope to resign, I want him to take responsibility.
I'd like to see the church bring any victim to Rome who is willing and have the Pope personally apologize to them.
I want them all to say over and over again (and I don't care that it is no longer happening or that most of them were never involved or that a good amount of the perps are dead):
"We have sinned grievously"

That's what I would tell the Pope The Church needs to do to fix this.

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Kitty Goodness

Because You Have Been So Good

I am assuming that you all have good little minions and are calling/faxing you Congress Critters as we speak.
As a reward I give you Kitty Shark Sweater:

First...the sweater is covered with fucking awesome sauce and I think anyone who has the balls to put a sweater on a cat who looks like a demon is, well, pretty ballsy.

Next...that cat is fabulous and brilliant and just so damn pretty in a demon cat way.

Last...the "I WILL KEEL U" look is priceless.

There is also a Rocket Sweater!
I wanna make a super sonic kitty of you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grandma's Dress

I have this fun vintage Kay Windsor dress for sale on Damn Good Vintage.

Cute, right?

I was looking though some old photographs and found this:

Yep, my Grandma is wearing the same Kay Windsor dress.
Real vintage worn by real women.
Nice bit of serendipity.

Yes, that is me and how awesome is that bit of end of the world art behind the sofa?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Teh!Ghey is Gonna Ruin Your Prom

See that pretty girl?
She is gay and she had the nerve to want to wear a tux and take her girlfriend to the prom.
Of course her first mistake was asking the inbred morons who run her high school if she could even wear a tux (seriously? Who gives a fuck what she wears as long as her boobs and lady bits are hidden) and if she could bring her same sex date.
Personally I think they should have just shown up at the door....girls go to dances with each other all the time.
I went with 6 other girls.
No one would have even paid any attention until they slow danced.

Can't have young women wearing tuxes and slow dancing in Mississippi. Next thing you know they will think that they have a right to get married to whomever the hell they want to.

So the school district decided to just cancel prom and blame it all on Constance so she could become the target of every redneck mouth breathing homophobe fundi who lives in her town. Plus this will make the next student who might think of getting uppity to think twice.

But Constance is an awesome gal and she is not backing down and she won't be bullied. The ACLU has gotten involved and even if she does not go to prom (and honey, I can tell you that going to prom is an overrated "rite of passage") she is going to stand up for what is right and for the students who will come after her.

Rockabilly Beyonce

If you don't like Lady Gaga or Beyonce then move on, but if you do then I'm telling you the new Gaga video is a hoot.
A cheesy Russ Meyer homage.
Think Faster, Faster Pussycat in a women's prison.
I loved it.
And Beyonce rocking the rockabilly pinup look is very hawt.

Oh and Lady Gaga enters a prison exercise yard wearing chains and smoking cigarettes sunglasses.
Covered with awesome sauce.

The song sucked though.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

SJP's Old Lady Hands

WTF? Is up with Sarah Jessica Parker's hands?

The guys over at Projectrungay had a close-up and she has the hands of some 80 year old society gal who smokes like a chimney and has Manhattans from 3-6 every day.
Seriously, look at these:
She is only TWO years older then me and I'm sure she is rich enough to slather her hands with some crazy vile lotion made of pearls and virgin kitten tears. Maybe she actually is an 80 year old woman and the lotion works everywhere except on her hands because they are covered with the blood of the thousand kittahs that were sacrificed to maintain her mask of hardened middle age?

BTW I hated the dress front, love the back and her retro Streisand/Gary Oldman as Dracula hair is quite awesome.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Nekid Rahm

I gotta say that the idea of a Nekid!Rham standing in the shower at the Congressional gym yelling at Massa is just covered in awesome sauce.
I so hope it is the truth.

And yeah, Nekid!Rham....

I've been naugthy and need a good talking too.
In the shower.

Just saying.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stop This Crime

Dear vintage clothing dealers,

Please cease and desist doing business with Courtney Love or one of her minions.
The woman is a crime against vintage.
Exibit A:
Now if I did not know better I'd say that CL had someone rip apart a sweet 30's dress and maybe a 20's or 30's sheer black over dress and then sewed them together to make a special fucktard dress.
Like I have said before, I really, really, really hate the "upcycling" trend because it enables shit like the above to be created.

Jesus people.
Just stop.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And Now We Are 18.

Yesterday I was waiting in line to pay for gas and standing in line behind me was the cutest little 2 year old boy holding a big bag of Cheetos.
He looked just like me kid when he was that age.
When I got in the car I just started bawling because...well, because I'm nuts and Josh was going to be 18 today.


Happy Birthday!