Friday, March 12, 2010

Teh!Ghey is Gonna Ruin Your Prom

See that pretty girl?
She is gay and she had the nerve to want to wear a tux and take her girlfriend to the prom.
Of course her first mistake was asking the inbred morons who run her high school if she could even wear a tux (seriously? Who gives a fuck what she wears as long as her boobs and lady bits are hidden) and if she could bring her same sex date.
Personally I think they should have just shown up at the door....girls go to dances with each other all the time.
I went with 6 other girls.
No one would have even paid any attention until they slow danced.

Can't have young women wearing tuxes and slow dancing in Mississippi. Next thing you know they will think that they have a right to get married to whomever the hell they want to.

So the school district decided to just cancel prom and blame it all on Constance so she could become the target of every redneck mouth breathing homophobe fundi who lives in her town. Plus this will make the next student who might think of getting uppity to think twice.

But Constance is an awesome gal and she is not backing down and she won't be bullied. The ACLU has gotten involved and even if she does not go to prom (and honey, I can tell you that going to prom is an overrated "rite of passage") she is going to stand up for what is right and for the students who will come after her.


geschichtenvonkat said...

i just heard about this on the news last ridiculous. couldn't agree more with your post though—go constance!

Sue said...

I don't live in the South, I live in California. We passed gay marriage, but all the homophopic peeps and the bible thumpers got together and over turned it. People are just people, does it REALLY matter. Props to Constance for standing up and being proud of who and what she is which appears to be a very awesome young woman. My sister is gay and I never will understand why she doesn't stand up for gay rights, baffling to me! Thanks for your post, got my blood going this morning.

Sue said...
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Sue said...

I accidently posted my comment twice is why it is deleted above. I'm blonde, so I have a good excuse!

Ivy Black said...

What a bunch of arseholes.
This never got as far as the UK to my knowledge and I read your link to the interview with Constance. This kind of bullshit has to end.