Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vintage Video

Over on The Vintage Fashion Guild's Blog we are directed to
VIDCAT:Fashion Media Archives, a wonderful website FULL
of fashion videos. Fashion shows and newsreels from the 50's
and 60's are available for you to view.
Be warned I spent a few hours over there.

Monday, May 28, 2007

requiem in pace

LaForest, Mathew P.

Zylman, Casey P.

Ashley, Benjamin J.

Dembowski, Robert H.

Uruo, Iosiwo

Pulido, Victor H. Toledo

Winterbottom, Jonathan D.

Shoemaker, Russell K.

Dunham, Robert E.

Anzack Jr., Joseph J.

Cagle, Daniel P.

Higdon, Kristopher A.

Worthington, Robert A.

Kuehl, David C.

Montgomery Jr., Robert J.

Sauceda Jr., Oscar

Butcher Jr., Steve

Desilets, Benjamin D.

Woodall, Julian M.

Weaver, Shannon V.

Ardron, Brian D.

Davis, Michael W.

Wisniewski, Justin D.

Moore, Christopher

Medlin, Jean P.

Behrle, David W.

Gilmore, Joseph A.

Varela, Alexander R.

Haslip, Travis F.

Schumann, Jason A.

Collins, Ryan D.

Baum, Ryan J.

McCants, Marquis J.

Brown, Scott J.

Nash, Casey W.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


and squee...
Jack, I hate you so much, but even I felt sorry for you at the end....though I did wish John had just shot you right between the eyes.

WHAT a way for a show to come back. Before last night I was really getting all "Jesus, get on with it" and thinking I might give up on the show....except no one on tv is as hot as Sawyer.
Now I can't wait for next season almost as much as I can't wait for Battlestar* to come back in FUCKING January.
Much Love to you Lost.

*BEST show on TV, if you are not watching it you should be.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Just a remind
er to SAVE GAS and
shop online. Your favorite vintage
seller will love you for it and so will
the environment!

requiem in pace

Wright, Thomas G.
Walker, Jeffrey D.
Packer, Steven M.
Gautier, Aaron D.
Hamm, Jonathan V.
Martinez, III, Anselmo
Romero, Joshua

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Vintage Patterns at Sew-Retro

So I'm listing new vintage patterns at Sew-Retro as a way to get over my sadness that no one ever offers to sell me a box 300 vintage patterns (you know who you are) or heck just gives the damn things to me.
Where are my FREE 30's and 40's patterns?
Where I ask you.....
Yes I am bitter, why do you ask?

I do have some nice ones:

So 80's it scares me.

Pretty 30's Frock

This 30's ensemble came with a "free" Vogue Cape pattern
inside that I'm going to include cause I'm so wonderful.

40's Swing Dress Pattern

I really love this "Sabrina" dress that I have had a few times.

When did women stop wearing long skirts
in the evening? Very Pretty.

So that is my shameless self promotion for the next week or so.
Carry on.

requiem in pace

Hartge, Nicholas

Self, John T.

Bacevich, Andrew J.

Klasno, Rhys W.

Murphy, Christopher E

Connell Jr., James David

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!!!!

The PURSE has been discussed below.
The PURSE now belongs to ME!
The PURSE is FAB and so over-the-top in a "skinny rich woman with a great big head" kinda way that I will love it forever!

The PURSE has bunny studs......

and the PURSE has poodle studs....

and the purse came with a creepy lamb pin!
I am satisfied. and now I can tell you where it has been hiding low these last few weeks.
It was at Dorothea's Closet's real brick and mortar shop in Des Moines, Iowa.
Ya'll need to go buy some good shit from her now.
You know, I'd like to make this blog just about vintage clothes.
I'd like to just discuss fun stuff....lots of people do.
I'd like to not piss off potential customers.
Really I would.

But I just can't.
Everyday, in my name as an American citizen, more people die.
Solders die.
Civilians die.

And everyday the Bush administration sounds more and more like the Johnson administration during Vietnam.
They are lying to us and they are wrapping the American people in the flag and patriotism and "supporting the troops" that we will not see what a mess Iraq has become.
The press is complicit
in this.
Where is the nightly body count? (for those too young I can remember watching it go up on the nightly news as a child during Vietnam.)
Where are the pictures of the flag draped coffins? (who cares what the Bush administration says. Only by showing their sacrifice to we actually honor and support our troops.)
Where is the outrage that the lives given are not being acknowledged or honored.

So from now on, amongst the fun stuff and the great vintage I'll be including the casualty count for both the military and civilians at the top of the page in the right hand corner.
  • American Military Casualties in Iraq: 3,387 as of 5/10/07
  • Civilians reported killed by military intervention in Iraq: 63,373 min.
I'll try to honor the fallen by at least making sure we know their names each week.

In WW2 the sacrifice was spread all around. Rationing, even in fashion, was an everyday sacrifice made by everyone. Now there are huge sacrifices being made by just a few while the rest of us go on as before. War is not fun and it is time that we Americans stop and think about what is being done in our names.

I hope this will not make me loose any customers, but if it does so be it, it is the least I can sacrifice for the sacrifice they have made.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why I'm Broke

All last week I was buying vintage clothes from one of the BEST estate sales I have ever been to.
Tons of lovely vintage all in this small bedroom.
It was like walking into a vintage boutique except the clothes were all the same size.
Some of it needs work, but here are a few items that are going up in my store, Damn Good Vintage, this week.

A NOS Van Raalte Nightgown:

This snazzy 40's Linen Jacket:

A sexy Floral Silk Cocktail Dress with a Twist Bodice:

and this cool Pinup Tiki shirt:

I also got the most amazing 30's patchwork housedress frock that I have not gotten pictures of yet.

Thursday, May 03, 2007