Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Vintage Patterns at Sew-Retro

So I'm listing new vintage patterns at Sew-Retro as a way to get over my sadness that no one ever offers to sell me a box 300 vintage patterns (you know who you are) or heck just gives the damn things to me.
Where are my FREE 30's and 40's patterns?
Where I ask you.....
Yes I am bitter, why do you ask?

I do have some nice ones:

So 80's it scares me.

Pretty 30's Frock

This 30's ensemble came with a "free" Vogue Cape pattern
inside that I'm going to include cause I'm so wonderful.

40's Swing Dress Pattern

I really love this "Sabrina" dress that I have had a few times.

When did women stop wearing long skirts
in the evening? Very Pretty.

So that is my shameless self promotion for the next week or so.
Carry on.

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