Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On my eBay watch list:

God, I want this LAMP!!!

I'm lazy.
NO really, I am. Sooooo lazy at times.
Look at how often I update this blog.
I'll be sitting in the bathtub, thinking of great new posts about things like I don't get American Idol or why do I find Johnny Knoxville sexy even though he looks like a guy who only changes his underwear once a week or you should see the MCM glass ashtray I got this weekend, it has orange fish on it.
Have you read those posts?
Which brings me to one of my recent auction listings.
I bought this dress with the full intention of making it pretty again, selling as a wedding dress and getting uber bids on it.
Got so far as cleaning it and really that was a chore. The thing was dingy and now it is lovely. Unfortunately either it already had holes in the english net OR I created them. Either way it has sat in my room now for two months and I have come to the conclusion that I will never do it justice and am selling it.
So since I am lazy the dress is listed and someone is going to get a great buy on a beautiful tulle and lace evening gown.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

On my eBay watch list:

I have a weakness for antique and vintage corsets.
Must be all the historical romances I read in my youth. The heroine more likely then not had "lush, heaving breasts above her corset".

Well no matter, the seller linked below consistently has some of the sexiest and lush vintage lingerie listed. The corset below makes me wish for a 19 inch waist and a dance card to be filled.
Plus the pics are fab.

They are just movies folks....

That's all I'm saying.
You and your kids will survive not seeing The Greatest Game Ever Played this weekend.
You do not need to get all huffy because the video store won't let you rent another DVD until you pay that $35.00 late fee. How hard is it to return a movie to the drop box?
Yes, you do need two forms of id to open an account. Don't glare at me about it, I don't make the rules, nor do I own the company.
People get way too serious about renting movies....
When Mannis attack.

This auction for a vintage mannequin on eBay is a HOOT!
Go look and see, the 1st pic is your link.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I do have other loves besides all things vintage.
There is the Mr. Whom I have been married to for over 20 years.
Yes, that is an amazing amount of time.
And I am the unschooling mom of a 14 yr old who will hence forth be referred to a "The Boy".
But I have some deeper secrets.
Hmmmm, looking back over my posts I realize that I have not yet outed myself as the geek I truly am.
So I admit to all who read, that yes I am a Harry Potter fan. I read fanfiction and have an unhealthy obsession with Professor Snape.

Let's just say I would not turn down a chance to serve detention in the dungeons with The Potions Master.

I also am a Neil Gaiman stalker fan...another of my unhealthy obsessions. How can one not be?

This wonderful Vogue pattern can be found in my eBay store. I love the crisp, cool look of it and the adorable curved bolero.
Very chic.
Very "new look".

Do you not love these shoes?
I wish they fit me...they would never leave my house.
Smoking hot Levine Stilettos and a cute pair of mod shoes.

On my eBay watch list:

These are some fab, fab, FAB shoes.
Go and drool.

Monday, April 10, 2006

This weekend I went to a fun estate sale.
Lots of cool stuff. Too bad I only brought a certain amount of cash for the sale and had to pass up some great items waiting for the lots I really wanted to bid on to come up.
Bought a closet packed with purses and some party dresses....cheap.
The dresses all have a few issues so it will be awhile till I get them delt with.
Except a lemon yellow 50's shelf bust prom dress in pristine condition.
I'll list that tonight.
I think the best thing in the closet was this fab 50's snake purse which had been stored in the box it was sold in.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This week at The Zaftig Goddes Vintage, It is Damn Good Vintage.

How cute is this pattern?

I have a very soft spot in my heart for Dior's New Look. In particular, the round shoulders, itty bitty waist and full skirt dresses. Here is a case in point:

Such a smart, fun dress in navy rayon faille.
Drop waist, circle skirt with the most adorable collar.