Monday, June 29, 2009

TFS and Halston

Last week The Fashion Show (and really, I'm not sure why I am still watching this show) challege was reinterpreting vintage looks of a well-known designer.
So we had Dior, Madame Gres, YSL, ect. and Halston.

The problem?
Not all of the designers knew who they were reinterpreting.

I'm kinda of amazed one could be interested in fashion without knowing about the designers who have left such indelible marks on fashion.
Whatever though.
What annoyed me about the show is all the information THF provided was one vintage dress from each designer from which our contestants, who might not have a working knowledge of say, Madame Gres, was supposed to "get" the look and feel of someones body of work.
Have these people never heard of a look book.
Would it have been so hard to put together one on each vintage designer?

So Haven, while she seemed to know 70's/80's YSL would have done better to pick YSL's Mondrian look or maybe the Trapeze Line he introduced at Dior in 58', went home with a hot mess that really had nothing to do with YSL. There was a spectacular crash and burn for Rico who was unaware of Halston. I really felt sorry for him and thought the judges were really condescending...the same way they were when Angel had to design for a grown-up B-Girl.
What the fuck is a B-Girl?

I have lots of problems with this show, but I think the worst part is that the challenges do not seem to be well thought out.
Look Books....they are your contestants friends.
You can keep up with The Fashion Show over with the Tom and Lorenzo the ProjectRungay guys.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

That's my dad.
Stand up guy, lots of fun and a bit nuts.
An "old dude" conservative at times, loyal union member and a Democrat though and though.
I love him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Mid-Century Housewife’s Life

I just added No Pattern Required over to the blog roll.
Great blog about mid-century furnishings, homes and such.
Plus she once a week she takes a recipe out of those 50s/60's recipe booklets like None Such Mince Meat Recipes and Good Housekeeping’s Meat Cook Book which included the canned meat section.
Yes, spam. Baked spam with peaches.
She not only is brave enough to cook that stuff...they eat it and let us know if the food was as disgusting as we imagine it to be.

She's a better woman then I.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Bonus Sale at Damn Good Vintage

The weekends just got better!
Each Saturday and Sunday one item from Damn Good Vintage
and Sew-Reto for JUST Saturday and Sunday will be priced 50% off.
Just call it your weekend bonus.

This week's bonus is a wonderful Adele Simpson suit and matching top.
The story on the runways is color and royal blue is a great color to take you though the summer.
Like most of Adele Simpson's 40's, 50's and early 60's designs this one will take you from work to cocktails with ease.
Silk and cotton mix and an adorable daisy print sleeveless wrap top.
Originally $125
Sat/Sun price $62.50

Great 1930's lounger/pajama set.
Wide leg pants paired with chic top and vest.
Originally $45.00, this weekend only $22.50.

Both of these great prices will be available from 9am Saturday to 9pm Sunday.
First come, first served.
Thank you for being wonderful customers.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Public Option

Folks if you want there to be a public option in the health care reform being worked on in Congress you need to start contacting you Congress Critters.
The direct line to leave a comment for the President is 1-202-456-1111

Here is the list of toll-free phone numbers to the congressional switchboard. An operator will connect you to the official of your choice:





If our Representatives in Washington only hear from the folks paid by the insurance companies to call in opposition to the public option then we will get health care reform that your insurance company wants, not the reform that is right for the American public.

Remember, your insurance company LIKES things the way they are. They like being able to refuse insurance to folks with a pre-existing condition, they LIKE being able to ration your health care, they want stand between you and your Doctor and the would really prefer to continue canceling medical coverage for some sick policyholders. (yes they actually admitted that during a Congressional hearing...bastards)

Here is a copy of the email I sent to my Senators and Rep. feel free to steal it:

Dear asshole Senator

I would like some answers to your views on including a public option (NOT single payer) in the health care reform.

There is no true health care reform without a public option. The "line in the sand" for me is a strong public option that would keep insurance companies honest and provide true competition. I would like to know where you stand in regard to the following questions:

Do you support a public health care option as part of health care reform?

If so, do you support a public health care option that is available on day one?

Do you support a public health care option that is national, available everywhere, and accountable to our government?

Do you support a public health care option that has the clout to establish rates with providers and big drug companies?

You do know that in the latest WSJ/NBC poll over 70% of AMERICANS (not health insurance company executives) want there to be a public option included in health care reform. You do know that "executives of three of the nation's largest health insurers told federal lawmakers in Washington on Tuesday that they would continue canceling medical coverage for some sick policyholders". Wow and we are supposed to think that they can be trusted?

As a constituent, I would really like to know the answers to these questions and I ask that you please respond to these questions in writing via email. please do not send me a canned answer, I would really like your (not a staffers) answers.

Thank you for your time, I will be happy to return the favor at election time for those supporting a strong public option.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monthly Giveway

I notice that some of you are giving shit away.
That is an awesome idea, because I have a ton of fun stuff sitting around that I don't use, don't need and can't be arsed to sell.
So once a month I'm gonna giveaway some of this really uber!awesome stuff sitting around here.
Sometimes it will be vintage, sometimes fashion related, but always so sweet.

Rules are:
Let me know you want it in the comments
Open to US readers only...unless you want to pay shipping to another country

That's it.

So this month I've got this cute cotton duck tote that I bought a couple of years ago, planned to use and well, never did.

Perfect for the summer.
It is 11X12 and 3 inches wide at the bottom.
Let me know in the comments if it strikes your fancy!
I'll grab a name next Friday, June 26th.

Celebs in Vintage

Ashley Olsen wore a vintage 40's gown to the
2009 CFDA Fashion Awards.
Adrian maybe?
(EDIT: The guys over on Project Rungay have commented
that it may be a "vintage inspired" design from
Ashley's on line The Row. )

That is a whole lotta dress for such a small woman.

And look at how awesome Tracey Ullman,
the host of the CFDA,
looks in a vintage Clarie McCardell
she purchased from Dorothea's Closet.

If you go to Ang's blog you can see a picture of
the dress before it was sold.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


The rose in my last post has bloomed!
I really like the way the go from very barley pink to darker link and then to a yellow hue.
They got a bit beat up from the rain last night, but still very pretty with a lemony spice fragrance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garden Part 2

Blueberries starting to turn...almost ripe!

Butterfly Bush

Newest rose bush is budding out.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Garden Part 1

The garden looks great this year. I've moved the Balloon Flowers and they are very happy.

New plant this year, Rex Begonias.

Wild Smooth Petunia. They are a native plant and just grow wild in the parts of the garden that are just Ivy and Monkey Grass. The summer we moved in I was pleasantly surprised when these popped up in the yard, and while we also have wild roses and all the honeysuckle, these are my favorite.

Baby Coleus

Butterfly Bush has begun to bloom.

Garden Part 2, later this week!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Watch List: Vintage Patterns

This week I decided to watch patterns that have something surprising about them.
The first one, McCall's 3528 is quite adorable and it has directions for making the matching parasol. How wonderful!

This second pattern is dated wrong by the seller, it is actually 1937 or 39, and a great halter bathing suit/playsuit, but do you see that cape? (and can I just say, who does not want a cape to wear with their swimming suit?) You can wear as is, OR, wait for it....a skirt! Clever.

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Mondrian Look of Yves Saint Laurent

Vogue Pattern Fashion News, 1966

Vogue 1556: A marvelous this-moment dress, very young....with high yoke, hem band and sleeve cuffs in perfectly proportioned contrast.

Vogue 1557: The geometrics of Mondrian. Young, bold proportions of black and white-rectangle of color-hemlines ruled-this is the terse, crisp look of young dressing.

The Happy Couple

As of May 21st they have been married 26 years.
and now:

The Fashion Show

Are you watching The Fashion Show?
It is not as good as Project Runway, but it does have its moments.
Tonight was the "design for real women" challenge complete with all the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth that always occurs when these prima donnnas have to design outside of their comfort zone.
The best part was Danielle and Haven complaining about the size of their models asses.
This from 2 gals who are on the larger side of the scale.
Do they never design for themselves?
Danielle's ass is way bigger then the "real woman" she was complaining about.
Except she managed to pull her shit together and make a great dress.

I would LOVE to own this dress.
It was perfect for one of us fluffy gals.
Too bad it does not come in plus sizes....oh, and it is over $300.

"Together this coat and dress duo give you a sophisticated alternative to a suit for any occasion. A coat this cool will make you hope for a chill in the air. Oversized snaps, diamond inserts, funky flip-up collar and a bold black belt add attitude to the coat's sleek silhouette. And the dress's classic shape makes it an easy choice to accessorize for day or night. Its boning structure, inner elastic and drop waist flatter the figure and elongate the form while the circle skirt completes the slimming illusion. The dress is 88% polyester, 10% viscose and 2% spandex. The coat is 100% Cotton."

I love that it has boning at the waistline.
Great dress.

P.S. I LOVED the outfit Fern Michaels was wearing tonight.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Only 2 More Days

Just 2 more days and Mr. Goddess will be done with his radiation treatments.
He has done pretty well with them, the side effects have been fairly mild, but I'm sure he will be happy to no longer need to pee with the frequency of a woman who is 9 months pregnant anymore.
Sex would be nice too.

So raise a pint and wish him well.