Thursday, March 22, 2007

The First Day Of Spring

This was just the perfect spring day here at Goddess central.
High 70’s, low humidity, sunny.

My husband buried his father today.

James S. Woolfolk, SR. passed from this world Sunday evening.
Tuesday Mr. Goddess and The Boy headed to Kentucky for the

I, on the other hand had to stay behind to hold down
the home front due to an overabundance of pets (4 dogs, 3 cats) and
no one to watch them. (We used to have some great neighbors who would come feed
and make sure they got to go outside, but they moved a few years ago.) Just
a hint, if you like to take vacations and trips with your spouse an
over abundance of pets are not a good idea…some day The Boy will be old enough
to stay behind and we will travel the world.

An obituary can only tell you so much about a life.

When I was 19 my the fiancé took me from St. Louis to Kentucky to meet
his family. My future father-in-law went out of his way to make me feel
welcome and one of the family. He had a keen sense of humor, was intelligent
and widely read and a Southern Gentleman in ever sense of the word. I remember his
smile, the way he would drive my then toddler son around on his tractor, the words he would use to describe Republicans.
No, they were not for polite company.
He went to bed too early for his wife and would stoke the fire too high.
Four fine sons and five grandsons.
He read mystery novels and historical biographies and did the New York Times crossword puzzle.

My husband said that the men he worked with that came to the viewing all praised his
ability to impart his knowledge to others, willing to share what he knew and that they could trust his word.

Alzheimers stole his sharp mind, the memories of a Grandfather from my son and ultimately Jim’s life.

Requiem In Pace

My mother-in-law said it was a beautiful day in Kentucky too.

*and yes that is the freaking cutest dress and purse, did you think I would not
make a comment about the clothes?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

It seems that if you sell stuff online and have a blog you should be promoting ones products not spending time spouting off about stuff no one actually cares about.
I am now going to do some shameless self promotion.
I've gotten in some of the feaking cutest novelty print vintage dresses for spring and summer and have begun listing them along with vintage swimsuits.

You can click on the pictures OR go to Damn Good Vintage and check out my shop on Mainstreet Vintage.
End of Shameless Self Promotion.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let's Try Vintage Image of the WEEK

I think I can handle once a week.
I hope.
If you sell vintage lingerie you know the Vanity Fair script tag, but
every once in awhile you'll find the cameo tag in either gold
or blue. These are from the 40's and normally on rayon knits.
This ad is for a Vanity Fair slip and bra set of Rayon Jersey.

Friday, March 09, 2007

"If you can't say Fuck you can't say FUCK the Government."
Lenny Bruce

One of my favorite lines in the movie "Christmas Story" is:
"My father worked in profanity the way some artists work in oils."

We just watched the documentary FU*K.
Loved it.
I happen to find Fuck a fascinating word. It can be used in every part of
a sentence and has many meanings based just on inflection.
I've never felt the need to look down on folks who use profanity with the
snotty "they only use it because they are to stupid to use other words".

Bollocks, those are just folks who can't think of creative ways to use profanity
and jealous of true masters of the craft.
My father, the hypocrite, was once a man who worked in profanity. Now one would
think the word fuck never crossed his lips.
Where did I learn how to properly say fuck?
From my father and my son has been passed on the glorious gift of
free speech from my husband and I.
Just don't say fuck around Grammie.

All words in the English language are gifts to be used and protected and enjoyed,
even the ones deemed naughty. DO NOT let other's fear of words or their need to
protect their children or their over-sensitivity keep you from exercising and
PROTECTING your RIGHT (not a privilege, but RIGHT) to say "Fuck the Government."

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy "Neil" Birthday To Me

Well not yet. I don't turn 44 till April 2nd, but my mother who is
ever wonderful got me this:

from Randi, my favorite librarian who had now met Neil Gaiman
like 3 times (the bitch) but who has been super cool to get me
I love Randi.
'Cause she gave that cute Death blank book
to my mommy to give to me cause I'm the biggest Neil
fan she knows.
I think I have girl crush on Randi.
Look what is inside my cool new book.

I now have another book with the signature.
Cool mom.
Cool Randi.
Cool Neil.
Happy me.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

The "there is no such thing as vintage image of the day" but we will try VINTAGE IMAGE OF THE WEEK post!!!!

Charm Magazine
July, 1957

Rose Marie Reid
Jewels of the Sea

"Here, at the turn of the summer, the turn of a perfect curve.
The swimsuit, Esplanade, 19.95. The Sea-N-Sun fabric by Rosenstein Bros.
At fine stores all over the world.
Rose Marie Reid, Los Angeles 45, Calif."

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Tears

I've been looking back at old pictures today. I do this
each year on my son's birthday. Tears, but for the most part
happy ones.
On March 2 at 2am 15 years ago this sweet baby was born.

I never, never, never wanted kids.
I am glad the Universe does not listen to me.

He has been a joy and a blessing in my life.
Btw, this is the way he looked from about 3-8.

Even now as a teen he enriches my life in so many ways.
and though I miss that baby boy who actually liked to
cuddle with mom and would not run away if I tried to kiss
him, I am looking forward to seeing the adult this generous,
kind, funny and clever being will be.

Happy birthday Josh!