Thursday, March 22, 2007

The First Day Of Spring

This was just the perfect spring day here at Goddess central.
High 70’s, low humidity, sunny.

My husband buried his father today.

James S. Woolfolk, SR. passed from this world Sunday evening.
Tuesday Mr. Goddess and The Boy headed to Kentucky for the

I, on the other hand had to stay behind to hold down
the home front due to an overabundance of pets (4 dogs, 3 cats) and
no one to watch them. (We used to have some great neighbors who would come feed
and make sure they got to go outside, but they moved a few years ago.) Just
a hint, if you like to take vacations and trips with your spouse an
over abundance of pets are not a good idea…some day The Boy will be old enough
to stay behind and we will travel the world.

An obituary can only tell you so much about a life.

When I was 19 my the fiancé took me from St. Louis to Kentucky to meet
his family. My future father-in-law went out of his way to make me feel
welcome and one of the family. He had a keen sense of humor, was intelligent
and widely read and a Southern Gentleman in ever sense of the word. I remember his
smile, the way he would drive my then toddler son around on his tractor, the words he would use to describe Republicans.
No, they were not for polite company.
He went to bed too early for his wife and would stoke the fire too high.
Four fine sons and five grandsons.
He read mystery novels and historical biographies and did the New York Times crossword puzzle.

My husband said that the men he worked with that came to the viewing all praised his
ability to impart his knowledge to others, willing to share what he knew and that they could trust his word.

Alzheimers stole his sharp mind, the memories of a Grandfather from my son and ultimately Jim’s life.

Requiem In Pace

My mother-in-law said it was a beautiful day in Kentucky too.

*and yes that is the freaking cutest dress and purse, did you think I would not
make a comment about the clothes?

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Wendy said...

A lovely remembrance, Julie. Thank you for it -- and for the wonderful photo.