Thursday, July 30, 2009

Now Your Dog Shall Kill You

Way to make your dog hate you.
Woe unto man when the cat Snuggie comes out.
Our feline overlords will rise up and finally deliver the cosmic smackdown we have been asking for.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Hope I Have Parathyroid Disease

Went to my Doctor the other day and while I was there I mentioned the blood tests he did last year that he had wanted me to come back and retake that I blew off because the gal who called said he was worried that my cholesterol count was high and I was all like "of course it was, I had a meatloaf sandwich before I went in".
One year later he is like "no, I was worried because your CALCIUM level was high in the blood test, your cholesterol is fine".

So we redid the blood test and HE called me this morning to tell me that he was making an appointment for a nuclear thing to see if I have Parathyroid Disease. It involves the parathyroids (who knew we had these? raise your hand) and a tumor.
Not cancer...he kept telling me not to worry about cancer.
Once they know for sure they will go in and remove the parathyroid in what seem to be a pretty easy and fast procedure.

I hope I have this.
Because the symptoms read like a who's who of what has been fucking wrong with me for years :
  • Confusion, foggy thinking
  • Muscle cramps. A tingling sensation in the hands and feet.
  • Loss of energy, always tired
  • Trouble sleeping, waking up at night.
  • Feeling bad, but not able to say the reason
  • Loss of interest in activities, inability to concentrate
  • Changes in personality, more irritable or cranky
  • Bone pain, especially in the legs
  • Heartburn (GERD)
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Frequent headaches
  • Thinning hair
  • Heart palpitations (arrhythmias), high blood pressure
  • Depression
The last month I've gotten worse and it would be so wonderful to feel normal again and not like some tired crazy bitch who wants to sleep all day and/or fight with my husband and son.
(of course I could just be going though menopause)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Engagement Session

Due to an unfortunate follow on twitter of vintageglam I went to Vintage Glam Weddings (a pretty, but massive time waster if there ever was one, I got sucked in looking at all the pretty, pretty vintage inspired weddings and spent like an hour there) which caused me to find out that in the wedding photography biz there is now something called the "Engagement Session".

These seem to involve the future bridge and groom being photographed looking at each other lovingly or kissing or laughing or looking seriously into the future whilst in picturesque settings.
I think I hate these, not because I have a problem with pretty people having their picture taken in cool places looking awesome in their vintage, but because of the damn name.
"Engagement Session" goes though me the way "space" does when you are talking about a room. In your house.
"Oh that couch fills the space nicely"
and Ugh.

Oh and croquet balls and mallets seem to be a running theme in the wedding pictures.
Maybe to throw at your beloved after the wedding when you catch him drunk kissing that HOR! Renee?

I like my wedding pictures full of people who look like they are scared to fucking death, not looking happily to the future.

BTW, I have 40 MINIONS/FOLLOWERS ya'll!!!!
What is the matter with you people?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest (and maybe greatest) Vintage Lampshade

I have been shopping for a cheap Venetian blind lampshade, but they always include a lamp (got enough of those) OR they are too expensive. A few weeks ago on ebay I spied not your traditional Venetian Shade, but a circular shade of copper and cream.
Yes, I needed that.
No one else seemed to notice it and I paid $9 something for it.


Included is a picture of the Wall O' Vintage Clocks so you can see how the light hits. I have a new clock ($11 on eBay) on the way to add to the collection and I'll get a picture up when it arrives.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fresh From The Garden

Weekend Bonus Sale at Damn Good Vintage

Each week Mainstreet Mall sellers feature one item from their shops at a saving of 40-50% off their original price.
The sale runs 9am Sat to 9pm Sunday, central time.
Check back each Friday for a new thread with great deals for Mainstreet Mall Online!

Here are the 2 items I have on sale this weekend from Damn Good Vintage and Sew-Retro Patterns.

Vintage 80's Gunne Sax Sexy Hourglass Wiggle Pinup Prom Dress w/ Huge Polka Dot Sleeves
On Sale for $50

Vintage 50s Pattern Scallop Neckline Drop Waist Dress with Deep Pleats
On sale for $10

Monday, July 13, 2009

Christmas Score

Last Christmas I decided I needed a very specific vintage tablecloth for Christmas, but I am really, really cheap so I could not buy one when they would show up on eBay because the bidding normally went over $60.
Did I mention I was cheap?
Patience is normally not a virtue I excel in, but I have been waiting since Spring for one to show up at a price I was willing to pay.

At a price I was willing to pay.

Aqua and red and mini Santas who look like they might have been taking in a bit too much of the Christmas "cheer" (winkwinknudgenudge) with atomic stars and did I mention that it is fun?
I also found the other tablecloth I wanted, the one with the hanging shineybrite ornaments, and it should be here in a few days.
Vintage 50's creepy Santa head in a star for the top of the tree was another purchase, but I have put it up so you can't see a picture of it.
Don't be sad.
It is just as well since, seriously, it is one creepy!ass Santa head in a star.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Vintage Kitchen Chair

So I went to an estate sale ("Mom never thew anything away!") today that I should have gone too yesterday and of course Mapquest fucked up the directions so I was driving all over fucking Sherwood, AR trying to find it and just happened upon it by chance in a place not at all where Mapquest said it should be.
They had one table of Mom's stuff left.
"Should have been here yesterday" said the dude "It all went fast, we priced it to get it out of here".

My bad.

So I was annoyed and had money in my pocket.
I went by Galaxy Furniture in North Little Rock to bitch at my friend Tracey about my sucky day and ended up having a portabella mushroom burger from the restaurant next door (starts with an R, name is on the tip of my tongue) and buying this awesome chair and hearing about her new couch she got out of a dumpster.

Also, Sunkist has "Sparkling" Lemonade that taste pretty damn good with Cranberry Vodka in it.
Also, I think my friend Lisa's birthday was today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vintage Ossie Clark

Emma Watson at the HARRY POTTER premiere in London wearing vintage Ossie Clark.
She looks great even if she did get rained on.
(and really this post just gives me a reason to say there is less then a WEEK LEFT till Half Blood Prince opes. squee)

I Can Haz Souls?

Basement Cat.
He wants your soul.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th Food

BBQ Chicken Breast, Baked Potato Salad and Fresh Cantaloupe

Brined the chicken in apple cider vinegar, hot sauce and salt for about an hour, 30 min on our crappy ass grill (remember kids, when you buy a $99 gas get a $99 gas grill) to get some smoky flavor. Cover with sauce and put into the oven for another 20ish min and it comes out tender and smoky and BBQ-y.

Bake some potatoes, cut up with skin on then mix with bacon, a tad mayo, a tad miracle whip, sour cream, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper, cheddar and melted butter. Taste better at room temp.

Awesome local cantaloupe.

Lemon Ice Box Pie

So this time I just bought a pre-made graham cracker crust instead of making my own and it still was yummy. Make 2 packages of lemon pudding according to the directions for pie on the packages (do not use instant, it sucks) substituting some of the water (YMMV) with the juice of 2 lemons. Put in fridge, then slather with whip cream.
We also had a bit of raspberry jello and I put that on my slice of pie and it was super yummy, tart and sweet.
Next time I'll use one package of lemon and do that as a layer, then add a layer of raspberry jello with a topping of whip cream.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

BBQ Chicken Breasts
Baked Potato Salad
Salad with Fresh Tomatoes from the Garden
Lemon Ice Box Pie