Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th Food

BBQ Chicken Breast, Baked Potato Salad and Fresh Cantaloupe

Brined the chicken in apple cider vinegar, hot sauce and salt for about an hour, 30 min on our crappy ass grill (remember kids, when you buy a $99 gas get a $99 gas grill) to get some smoky flavor. Cover with sauce and put into the oven for another 20ish min and it comes out tender and smoky and BBQ-y.

Bake some potatoes, cut up with skin on then mix with bacon, a tad mayo, a tad miracle whip, sour cream, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper, cheddar and melted butter. Taste better at room temp.

Awesome local cantaloupe.

Lemon Ice Box Pie

So this time I just bought a pre-made graham cracker crust instead of making my own and it still was yummy. Make 2 packages of lemon pudding according to the directions for pie on the packages (do not use instant, it sucks) substituting some of the water (YMMV) with the juice of 2 lemons. Put in fridge, then slather with whip cream.
We also had a bit of raspberry jello and I put that on my slice of pie and it was super yummy, tart and sweet.
Next time I'll use one package of lemon and do that as a layer, then add a layer of raspberry jello with a topping of whip cream.

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