Monday, July 27, 2009

Engagement Session

Due to an unfortunate follow on twitter of vintageglam I went to Vintage Glam Weddings (a pretty, but massive time waster if there ever was one, I got sucked in looking at all the pretty, pretty vintage inspired weddings and spent like an hour there) which caused me to find out that in the wedding photography biz there is now something called the "Engagement Session".

These seem to involve the future bridge and groom being photographed looking at each other lovingly or kissing or laughing or looking seriously into the future whilst in picturesque settings.
I think I hate these, not because I have a problem with pretty people having their picture taken in cool places looking awesome in their vintage, but because of the damn name.
"Engagement Session" goes though me the way "space" does when you are talking about a room. In your house.
"Oh that couch fills the space nicely"
and Ugh.

Oh and croquet balls and mallets seem to be a running theme in the wedding pictures.
Maybe to throw at your beloved after the wedding when you catch him drunk kissing that HOR! Renee?

I like my wedding pictures full of people who look like they are scared to fucking death, not looking happily to the future.

BTW, I have 40 MINIONS/FOLLOWERS ya'll!!!!
What is the matter with you people?

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