Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Vintage Kitchen Chair

So I went to an estate sale ("Mom never thew anything away!") today that I should have gone too yesterday and of course Mapquest fucked up the directions so I was driving all over fucking Sherwood, AR trying to find it and just happened upon it by chance in a place not at all where Mapquest said it should be.
They had one table of Mom's stuff left.
"Should have been here yesterday" said the dude "It all went fast, we priced it to get it out of here".

My bad.

So I was annoyed and had money in my pocket.
I went by Galaxy Furniture in North Little Rock to bitch at my friend Tracey about my sucky day and ended up having a portabella mushroom burger from the restaurant next door (starts with an R, name is on the tip of my tongue) and buying this awesome chair and hearing about her new couch she got out of a dumpster.

Also, Sunkist has "Sparkling" Lemonade that taste pretty damn good with Cranberry Vodka in it.
Also, I think my friend Lisa's birthday was today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!