Monday, March 31, 2008

Estate Sale Finds

I had a cool sale weekend.
Got a great set of vintage tumblers, aqua blue with with rubber swirls and still has the original holder.
Then I found some vintage purses, a sexy cocktail apron (very swanky over a black chiffon cocktail dress and with a martini in hand) and a great pair of vintage sun glasses.
Along with a few great dress (black again, all I buy is black) and vintage shoes.
Here are a few pictures of my finds.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

eVintage Blog Tag, COLOR!

I was tagged by Ang over at eVintage.




This 50's/60's Adele Simpson suit. I love the bright blue mixed with the lighter blue daisy print.

I wear mostly black and use my earrings, pins and scarves to add color.

I hate to admit it, but black, I love wearing black.

A black sleeping tee and pink flannel capris...still in my jammies.

It is a mix of 50's turquoise, black, tans and reds.

Its time to brighten up! Let's pass this over to Carol at Life of a Jersey Girl.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kim's Da' Bomb

Because she is the funniest woman I know who sells vintage that I have never met in real life but know online and dude, we are tight.
She now has a blog so you can also delight in her.
The Girl Can't Help It....
Oy, and Vey, I think Kim copyrighted that.

Oh, and another funny blog started by Lisa with Kim, Elisa and I as contributors.
Fabricated Lives

Whats for Dinner This Week

Tonight it was BBQ; pulled beef sandwiches, coleslaw and BBQ Beans from a local BBQ joint.*
Wed- Hurry Curry Chicken
Thurs- Burritos
Friday- Chicken Patty Sandwiches with Fries
Sat- Big Chef Salads

I've got a big magnetic calender that I fill out for the month with meals.
It had gotten to the point where all we were eating was the time I began thinking about dinner at 3 or 4 pm it was to late to do much else. Plus I would decide on something and go look for the freaking ingredients and there was always at least one item missing.
Now I can make out the grocery list for Mr. Goddess based on what I plan on cooking.

Dinner around here, while maybe not like at the Cleaver's, at least does not look like the Bundy's anymore.
Though I do still wear my skin tight leopard carpi's with stilettos while cooking and's how I roll.

*Just so you know I do not buy take home very often, but today was the day we spent in purgatory at the DMV getting a new DL for me and a Arkansas ID for the boy so he can become gainfully employed (yea!) at WalMart pushing carts.
Not a bad job for a 16 yr old.
We left around noon, got home around 4:30pm.
Yes, I need a drink.
Too many things went wrong, but suffice it to say that in Arkansas you can't use BOTH your Birth Certificate and SS Card as ID since they are both considered primary ID's and one must have a secondary ID.
None on the list did we have.
So I had to go fill out a piece of paper declaring The Boy was who I said he was ( I guess I could have brought any urchin in with me and declared he was my kid) and get it notarized...then get back in line.
Oy, and Vey!
Then with ID in hand he went to the bank to take some of his own money out of his account, but we were given the wrong information earlier and my hubby has to fill something out giving The Boy permission to sign on the account because he is a minor.
Jesus Tapdancing Christ on a Stick.
Long story short, nice lady at bank let Mr. Goddess OK over the phone and The Boy with money in hand got to go to WalMart and buy the video game (some Pinata game where you grow them then kill them, I think...which really sounds awesome in a sick way to me) that was the WHOLE point of the WHOLE damn trip to Benton in the 1st place.
THAT is why we ate take home today.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to Basketball

Easter dinner to the tunes of Sinatra is over and it is back to basketball....
Some of the feast:
Raspberry Cranberry Jello, I loves it.

What's Cooking; Easter Edition

Spiral Cut Honey Ham
Broccoli Casserole
Deviled Eggs
Cranberry/Raspberry Jello
Fake Taters (the boy does not believe in eating "real food" ie the boccoli and the eggs, he will be making said taters himself since I will have busted my ass making said "real food" all day)
Coconut Creme Pie (out of a box, I exhausted)

Pics later!

What did you have?

Oh, and candy.
Those Orange 3 Musketeers?

What You Should Be Watching

Of all the things on TV, Bill Moyers Journal is one show that
you should be watching each and every week.

This week Bill discussed Body Of War with it's creators Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro. Body of War is a documentary about Thomas Young an Iraq War veteran who was wounded in the war and is now an anti-war activist along with his wife and mother.
From the transcript:

Five years ago this week, President Bush invaded Iraq because, we were told, Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was plotting with Al Quaeda terrorists to attack America. We were told the war would be quick and tidy - and that grateful Iraqis would welcome their liberators with flowers in the streets.

Well, now the war is into its sixth year. We're spending over ten billion dollars a month, with the long-range cost reckoned in trillions. For Iraqis and for American soldiers and their families, the human toll is even harder to calculate -- numbers alone don't do it: 4,000 soldiers dead, nearly 30,000 wounded. But numbers aren't personal; the only way truly to understand the human cost of this war is to know someone who is bearing it. Someone like Tomas Young.

You can read the transcript here and also view the whole episode.
While you are there also watch Buying The War an in-depth review of the behavior of the press leading up the the beginning of the war. FOX, CNN and the mainstreet media are complaisant in their lack of serious reporting on the crap the administration was feeding the American public and helped beat the drums of patriotism so loud that any dissenters were branded anti-American.

Don't forget your flag pin folks least you be called a traitor by Faux news and you friendly Republican neighbors.

In case you've forgotten the press is supposed to be skeptical of what comes out of the White House, not cheerleaders....that is why we have the First Amendment :
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vintage Shoe Tag

I've been tagged by Couture Allure Vintage of the eVintage Society. This week we're all about shoes!

(ya'll know how I feel about tagging games, right? see me playing anyway?)


Well they are no longer in my inventory, but this pair or Dior's are about the most scrupmtous pair of shoes I've ever seen I love just looking at them and hated (even though the cash was nice) to see them sell.


40's platforms and peeptoes, the quirkier the better.


IF I did not have the widest feet known to mankind these would be what I love to wear:

and I am desperate to find anything, even new like these in 9WWWWW!

I have this feeling that somewhere there is a shoe store that sells old lady orthopedic shoes and they have just that style!


See #3.

If I had a good amount of cash, I would settle for either of these great wedges from Remix shoes. I know, I know they are not vintage, but it is probably as good as a gal with feet like mine is going to get.

Now let's move on to Carol at Dandelion Vintage Tag, you're it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Did I Miss This?

Today's Vintage magazine.
Online and in a hard copy delivered to your mailbox.

Also, over on Liana's Paperdoll Blog she has created
a dress for her doll based on this 40's chiffon dress that
I could not save.
Now that is very cool.

What You Should Be Watching

Just in case you have HBO you need to spend some time watching John Adams.
Compelling, inspiring and just plain entertaining.

The cast is perfect, the acting spot on (with actual quazi-British accents and not modern American ones), the steadfast and enduring love between the Adams is apparent....throw in a few HottieMcHoties in the form of Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock and you've got damn good TV.
I'll admit I was moved to tears more then once during the first two episodes.
It is an awesome and sobering story how our country was formed and during this election cycle it would be quite beneficial to be reminded again what a gift (a flawed gift to be sure, but a gift none the less) we were given by these brave people who were willing to sacrifice fortune and life in the pursuit of liberty.
Paul Giamatti as Adams is a happy surprise and Laura Linney's Abigail is brilliant. THIS is how history should be imparted and once again HBO shows how well TV can be done.
It will be airing for the next 6 weeks.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vintage Montgomery Ward Catalog, 1954

Look what came in the mail today.
Bought it off ebay on a whim since I have yet to find a fashion catalog in all my estate sale visits. I put it down to paper, heat, humidity, lake of AC and that most folks just do not keep catalogs.
It is the Montgomery Ward Midsummer Sales Book, 1954.
Of course there is a good amount of vintage fashions in it for the whole family, but there is furniture and appliances and bikes and pretty much anything you would find in one now.
Seriously cool.
That is the cover above and if you click on it you will get a bigger image that should allow you to read the copy.
Just an excerpt:
"You'll present a pretty picture in this graceful Princess Dress made in "Texlin," a crisp, finely woven, Rayon that is washable and resists wrinkles. The style is so young, so flattering-with its high-rise waistline, slim fitting midriff and wonderful rolled gore skirt that ripples into a smart flare. Smart stitch trim outlines empire midriff and deeply curved neckline....."

Pages 2 and 3 have more of the same great Princess cut (seamed?) dresses.

Makes me wish for an un-discovered storage room full of these dresses.
I'll post some more pics later this week!

Vintage Fashion Video, 1954

Via Vidcat on YouTube.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Anthony Bourdain

Have I said that I want to have Anthony Bourdain's babies?

There is NO ONE on TV I would rather sit and eat and
drink and smoke and talk with then him.
If you are not watching No Reservations on the Travel Channel
then you should. It is about food and travel, but so, so much more.

I love a man who loves his liquor and smokes and good food.
The episode in Ireland was classic with great food, lots of Guinness
and smoking.
Plus he is not pretentious about food. A well done, home made meal
made with love is a great meal in his book.

What a man.

Vintage Eyecandy

If you love vintage clothing, especially the Diors and
Lanvins and
Balenciagas then go spend some time
at BygoneFashion over on Live Journal.
Beautiful, amazing vintage fashion.
Luscious photographs.
This post of the photographs of Henry Clarke is just too divine for words.

Look at the sleeves on this
Balenciaga suit.
Just brilliant.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

File This Under "Dur"

The big Harry Potter news this week is that Deathly Hallows will be
split into two, yes two films.
This means lots of face time for Professor Snape...of course Rickman will be
like, what, 70?
I am doing a happy dance....even though the film will not be out until

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Paper Dolls

Erin over on Dress A Day posted a link on Friday that I missed.
It was to Liana's Paperdoll Blog.
Liana draws dresses and whatnot for this paperdoll.
Cut them out and play.
I could waste all day print all of those out and playing.
Alas, no color ink....

On one Hand (rant about the suckiness of TV)

I can count the number of really good tv shows that I make any effort to watch on one hand:
The Wire
Battlestar Gallactica
Pushing Daisies
Dexter (on Showtime, not the water downed version being shown on network TV right now)
Lost (and "The Constant" maybe one of the single best episodes of a TV show every, I love Penny and Desmond's story, the ending made me weep.)

If Fox did not suck as a network (Arrested Development, anyone?) I would assume that Firefly would still be on my list too.
Sadly, it was gone way before it's time and there is a nice room in hell just for the Fox execs who cancelled it populated by rabid Joss Whedon fans.

Sunday night was the last episode of The Wire, which was probably the BEST TV show ever.... that you were not watching.
Why were you not watching?
To realistic, too depressing, too many black folks...don't have HBO?
Who cares about depressing and realistic (I'll accept no HBO since until this season we have watched The Wire on DVD via Netflix) when the acting and writing rose to a level of excellence seldom seen on the boob box, except that which we get from the BBC.
All I can say is, unlike Firefly or Deadwood* (HBO co$@suckers), it was a fine ending to a fine show and I feel completely satisfied.

So now I wait for BSG (also a last season ~sob~) to show back up in April and will be on YouTube when the new season of Dr.Who starts in the UK. Lost will keep me going, but there really is not much to Tivo and I'm not even excited that some of the Network shows will be back soon.
I think I maybe going though Project Runway withdrawal......

*I wonder what it is about The Wire and Deadwood that made me love them so much. Of course the writing and acting are stellar, but there is something more. I guess it was the feeling that deep down inside I know that humans and our institutions really are that fucked up. That the only hope is what we, as individuals can do to by our actions, to pull gold out of the shit we are fed everyday.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vintage Work Weekend (and in which I rant about getting old)

This weekend I did NOT vege out in front of the TV (ok, we did begin watching State of Play, which we had seen before on BBC America and loved and were jazzed to see is finally out on DVD and so I got a bit o' Bill Nighy time...and The Master, John Simms.) with Mr. Vintage Goddess, nor did I drive to any sales or spend the whole time playing on the net.
I worked.
I hand washed, I spot cleaned, I steamed and I took pictures of what will be going up on Damn Good Vintage in the next week or so.
I was quite the busy fucking bee...not to mention I did laundry and made chcolate strawberry muffins AND Roast BEEF with mashed taters AND gravy.
DAMN I am a goddess among housewives, fear me and love me bitches!

On the vintage front I am going to begin selling a bit of vintage jewelry.
I took some pictures (I am not happy with them) of a couple of pieces.
Yes, those a freaking bongo drums. I love 40's quirky stuff.

Cute 60's(?) multi colored pin and earrings.

I have this awesome vintage 60's lace cocktail wiggle dress, it is an XL.
This amazing Henry Rosenfeld bronze rockabilly dress. VLV?
Cute vintage pink gingham shirtwaist dress....shirtwaist dresses make me very happy.

I have to say I'm really happy with my new dress form and backgrounds, but my back is killing me today which brings me to the most important point of this post.
I hate getting old.
The older I get the more of a bitch I become BECAUSE everything fucking hurts and has begun to fail to listen to my commands.
Yes my back, which used to be cool with the extra weight and bad posture and all the crazy sitting positions, no longer is happy. It wants me to sit right, loose weight and get a new mattress.
My eyes, which have never worked properly, have decided that they do not like the bi-focals (yes, bifocals) and now require me to take my glasses off to read and the put them back on to see.
Except, get this, I forget WHERE I put the fucking things.
And lastly, when I cough, liquids seem to be leaking out of me.
I have been coughing A LOT the last few weeks.

The worse thing is one begins to worry about their father who has had a heart attack and even though he does not need to go anywhere insists on shoveling the fucking snow off of his huge ass driveway just in case he has a heart attack and my mom needs to take him to the hospital, I guess.
When I share my concern with my mother, what does she say?
"We have an ergonomic shovel."

Buy a damn snow blower so I do not have to worry.
And he is chopping wood for his new play toy, the fireplace/Franklin stove that came with his new house. (of course I know I should be glad he feels buff enough to do all this stuff.)

Vintage is awesome in clothes, but sucks when it is a human body that is slowly decaying.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Via the guys on Project Rungay!

Now that was the perfect way to start my day.

House Call O' Rama

Went to a "house call" with a good friend.
It was awesome!
Lately all of the house calls for vintage 40's and 50's were actually full of late 80's and 90's clothing. I've seen some really GREAT Alfred Dunner let me tell you.
Not this time.
30's bias cut nightgowns and Mexican painted circle skirts and cute 50's sundresses.
The house call was my friends (it amazes me how generous she is and we have such a good time when we go hunting vintage, I can count on one hand the other vintage sellers that I think would be so kind to a competitor) so I normally pick a few things out right away and then wait till she is done picking to get anything else.
Of course you know inside I am thinking "nononono don't pick that, yessssss pass it by, good girl, move on now, nothing left to see here......leave it for me" because in the end I'm such a selfish bitch.

This time I got these saucy green suede 1940's wedge peep toe shoes. I love the little gold trim and the leaf accent on the toe box.

Fucking hot, that's what they are.
LOOK at this dress.
Atomic food novelty print.
Cocktails and B-B-Que, baby, right on your patio.
And yes, these will be on Damn Good Vintage very soon.
Be patient.

Friday, March 07, 2008

More Snow!

None all winter and now twice in one week.
I know there are those of you who have had snow since December, but I am so excited we finally have winter. Spring should be here in, oh, about one week.
The birds were crazy at the feeders.
I tried to get a few pics, but they just would not cooperate.
Little bastards.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow and a Memo From A Neighbor

Well it snowed for the 1st (and probably) last time here in Central Arkansas.
Pretty in the am and gone by noon.

Last week I got this memo in my mailbox....well a few of
us did. I actually have no clue who it was from, but
I assume it is the group of morons who live up
the street who caught their pool on fire last
summer while burning trash. They have a habit
of leaving the bags just laying about until there is
a nice mountain of trash to burn on a windy day.
Brilliant, right?
I assume someone got tired of looking at it and
bitched about it to their "landlord".

Please notice the craptastic use of U in place of
the actual word "you".

I fear for all those teens out there who only seem to know
how to use netspeak as a form of written language.

I marked the letter with a red pencil, gave it a C and
mailed it back with this note:
Hiya Neighbor,
Thanks for the letter you left in my mailbox.
I have no idea what you are writing about, but
given you a C- for spelling, the use of netspeak in a memo and a lack

of commas. Next time you might want to do a better job and
someone just might actually give a shit instead of laughing
at your note and blogging about it. By the way, it is a federal
crime to place something in a mailbox that is not actual mail.
Thanks for playing,
Your Neighborhood Blogger!