Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On one Hand (rant about the suckiness of TV)

I can count the number of really good tv shows that I make any effort to watch on one hand:
The Wire
Battlestar Gallactica
Pushing Daisies
Dexter (on Showtime, not the water downed version being shown on network TV right now)
Lost (and "The Constant" maybe one of the single best episodes of a TV show every, I love Penny and Desmond's story, the ending made me weep.)

If Fox did not suck as a network (Arrested Development, anyone?) I would assume that Firefly would still be on my list too.
Sadly, it was gone way before it's time and there is a nice room in hell just for the Fox execs who cancelled it populated by rabid Joss Whedon fans.

Sunday night was the last episode of The Wire, which was probably the BEST TV show ever.... that you were not watching.
Why were you not watching?
To realistic, too depressing, too many black folks...don't have HBO?
Who cares about depressing and realistic (I'll accept no HBO since until this season we have watched The Wire on DVD via Netflix) when the acting and writing rose to a level of excellence seldom seen on the boob box, except that which we get from the BBC.
All I can say is, unlike Firefly or Deadwood* (HBO co$@suckers), it was a fine ending to a fine show and I feel completely satisfied.

So now I wait for BSG (also a last season ~sob~) to show back up in April and will be on YouTube when the new season of Dr.Who starts in the UK. Lost will keep me going, but there really is not much to Tivo and I'm not even excited that some of the Network shows will be back soon.
I think I maybe going though Project Runway withdrawal......

*I wonder what it is about The Wire and Deadwood that made me love them so much. Of course the writing and acting are stellar, but there is something more. I guess it was the feeling that deep down inside I know that humans and our institutions really are that fucked up. That the only hope is what we, as individuals can do to by our actions, to pull gold out of the shit we are fed everyday.

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