Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow and a Memo From A Neighbor

Well it snowed for the 1st (and probably) last time here in Central Arkansas.
Pretty in the am and gone by noon.

Last week I got this memo in my mailbox....well a few of
us did. I actually have no clue who it was from, but
I assume it is the group of morons who live up
the street who caught their pool on fire last
summer while burning trash. They have a habit
of leaving the bags just laying about until there is
a nice mountain of trash to burn on a windy day.
Brilliant, right?
I assume someone got tired of looking at it and
bitched about it to their "landlord".

Please notice the craptastic use of U in place of
the actual word "you".

I fear for all those teens out there who only seem to know
how to use netspeak as a form of written language.

I marked the letter with a red pencil, gave it a C and
mailed it back with this note:
Hiya Neighbor,
Thanks for the letter you left in my mailbox.
I have no idea what you are writing about, but
given you a C- for spelling, the use of netspeak in a memo and a lack

of commas. Next time you might want to do a better job and
someone just might actually give a shit instead of laughing
at your note and blogging about it. By the way, it is a federal
crime to place something in a mailbox that is not actual mail.
Thanks for playing,
Your Neighborhood Blogger!

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