Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whats for Dinner This Week

Tonight it was BBQ; pulled beef sandwiches, coleslaw and BBQ Beans from a local BBQ joint.*
Wed- Hurry Curry Chicken
Thurs- Burritos
Friday- Chicken Patty Sandwiches with Fries
Sat- Big Chef Salads

I've got a big magnetic calender that I fill out for the month with meals.
It had gotten to the point where all we were eating was pasta....by the time I began thinking about dinner at 3 or 4 pm it was to late to do much else. Plus I would decide on something and go look for the freaking ingredients and there was always at least one item missing.
Now I can make out the grocery list for Mr. Goddess based on what I plan on cooking.

Dinner around here, while maybe not like at the Cleaver's, at least does not look like the Bundy's anymore.
Though I do still wear my skin tight leopard carpi's with stilettos while cooking and smoking....it's how I roll.

*Just so you know I do not buy take home very often, but today was the day we spent in purgatory at the DMV getting a new DL for me and a Arkansas ID for the boy so he can become gainfully employed (yea!) at WalMart pushing carts.
Not a bad job for a 16 yr old.
We left around noon, got home around 4:30pm.
Yes, I need a drink.
Too many things went wrong, but suffice it to say that in Arkansas you can't use BOTH your Birth Certificate and SS Card as ID since they are both considered primary ID's and one must have a secondary ID.
None on the list did we have.
So I had to go fill out a piece of paper declaring The Boy was who I said he was ( I guess I could have brought any urchin in with me and declared he was my kid) and get it notarized...then get back in line.
Oy, and Vey!
Then with ID in hand he went to the bank to take some of his own money out of his account, but we were given the wrong information earlier and my hubby has to fill something out giving The Boy permission to sign on the account because he is a minor.
Jesus Tapdancing Christ on a Stick.
Long story short, nice lady at bank let Mr. Goddess OK over the phone and The Boy with money in hand got to go to WalMart and buy the video game (some Pinata game where you grow them then kill them, I think...which really sounds awesome in a sick way to me) that was the WHOLE point of the WHOLE damn trip to Benton in the 1st place.
THAT is why we ate take home today.

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Miss Janey said...

Lordy that samich look good.