Sunday, March 09, 2008

House Call O' Rama

Went to a "house call" with a good friend.
It was awesome!
Lately all of the house calls for vintage 40's and 50's were actually full of late 80's and 90's clothing. I've seen some really GREAT Alfred Dunner let me tell you.
Not this time.
30's bias cut nightgowns and Mexican painted circle skirts and cute 50's sundresses.
The house call was my friends (it amazes me how generous she is and we have such a good time when we go hunting vintage, I can count on one hand the other vintage sellers that I think would be so kind to a competitor) so I normally pick a few things out right away and then wait till she is done picking to get anything else.
Of course you know inside I am thinking "nononono don't pick that, yessssss pass it by, good girl, move on now, nothing left to see here......leave it for me" because in the end I'm such a selfish bitch.

This time I got these saucy green suede 1940's wedge peep toe shoes. I love the little gold trim and the leaf accent on the toe box.

Fucking hot, that's what they are.
LOOK at this dress.
Atomic food novelty print.
Cocktails and B-B-Que, baby, right on your patio.
And yes, these will be on Damn Good Vintage very soon.
Be patient.

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