Monday, June 29, 2009

TFS and Halston

Last week The Fashion Show (and really, I'm not sure why I am still watching this show) challege was reinterpreting vintage looks of a well-known designer.
So we had Dior, Madame Gres, YSL, ect. and Halston.

The problem?
Not all of the designers knew who they were reinterpreting.

I'm kinda of amazed one could be interested in fashion without knowing about the designers who have left such indelible marks on fashion.
Whatever though.
What annoyed me about the show is all the information THF provided was one vintage dress from each designer from which our contestants, who might not have a working knowledge of say, Madame Gres, was supposed to "get" the look and feel of someones body of work.
Have these people never heard of a look book.
Would it have been so hard to put together one on each vintage designer?

So Haven, while she seemed to know 70's/80's YSL would have done better to pick YSL's Mondrian look or maybe the Trapeze Line he introduced at Dior in 58', went home with a hot mess that really had nothing to do with YSL. There was a spectacular crash and burn for Rico who was unaware of Halston. I really felt sorry for him and thought the judges were really condescending...the same way they were when Angel had to design for a grown-up B-Girl.
What the fuck is a B-Girl?

I have lots of problems with this show, but I think the worst part is that the challenges do not seem to be well thought out.
Look Books....they are your contestants friends.
You can keep up with The Fashion Show over with the Tom and Lorenzo the ProjectRungay guys.

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