Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm lazy.
NO really, I am. Sooooo lazy at times.
Look at how often I update this blog.
I'll be sitting in the bathtub, thinking of great new posts about things like I don't get American Idol or why do I find Johnny Knoxville sexy even though he looks like a guy who only changes his underwear once a week or you should see the MCM glass ashtray I got this weekend, it has orange fish on it.
Have you read those posts?
Which brings me to one of my recent auction listings.
I bought this dress with the full intention of making it pretty again, selling as a wedding dress and getting uber bids on it.
Got so far as cleaning it and really that was a chore. The thing was dingy and now it is lovely. Unfortunately either it already had holes in the english net OR I created them. Either way it has sat in my room now for two months and I have come to the conclusion that I will never do it justice and am selling it.
So since I am lazy the dress is listed and someone is going to get a great buy on a beautiful tulle and lace evening gown.

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