Tuesday, March 09, 2010

SJP's Old Lady Hands

WTF? Is up with Sarah Jessica Parker's hands?

The guys over at Projectrungay had a close-up and she has the hands of some 80 year old society gal who smokes like a chimney and has Manhattans from 3-6 every day.
Seriously, look at these:
She is only TWO years older then me and I'm sure she is rich enough to slather her hands with some crazy vile lotion made of pearls and virgin kitten tears. Maybe she actually is an 80 year old woman and the lotion works everywhere except on her hands because they are covered with the blood of the thousand kittahs that were sacrificed to maintain her mask of hardened middle age?

BTW I hated the dress front, love the back and her retro Streisand/Gary Oldman as Dracula hair is quite awesome.

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lucitebox said...

If they had caught her hands with the fingertips pointed upwards, her hands would look A LOT better. I learned this tip from an older woman who said, (as she held her hand downward and then turned it upward), "See--Old lady." *turns hand to face upward* "Look! Younger lady!" Try it! It may not be the easiest social maneuver but it does make hands appear more youthful.

Her devotion to bronzer is over zealous. It would serve her well to use less of that stuff.

Also, I don't think that they botox the hands.