Sunday, January 14, 2007

Crocodile Tears

Lisa on Random Acts of Vintage writes about one of the dangers
of selling vintage clothing.
There is always a chance you have to part with what you love.
And part with them she must.

These shoes are fantastic! I have held onto them for months, just so I can look at them, because alas, they do not fit me -- but I love them, nonetheless. Screamin' 40s fashion, they are constructed of red faux reptile, and feature a slingback style with a gold colored buckle. They are marked a 6 1/2. My friend tried them on, and they fit her fine -- and she wears a 7. Imagine yourself poolside at VLV with these little babies! They are pinup-worthy, and ready to wear. Check the package for my tears, because I will surely cry when I ship them, they are so beautiful!

They are up at auction right now on eBay.

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