Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why It is Important

I don't know how many of my readers is a Clinton supporter.
It is cool if you are.
As much as I would like Obama to be sworn in as President next January, I am just as cool with Hillary.
It seems though that some Clinton supporters are just a bit more annoyed that she may loose and are threatening to make a point by voting for McCain in the fall.

Seriously? (and I will agree that this has been both a sexist and racist campaign...but it is mostly from the Media and nutter minions of each candidate.)

My 1st thought is "are they mad?"
My second is how that make women look just a bit whiny.
My third is THIS is why it is so important to make sure we have a Democratic President and Congress! If saving the lives of American soldiers is not enough reason, then I do not know what is.
Fine, vote for McCain.
Remember that vote every time a solder dies in Iraq or even Iran.
Remember that when gas hits $6.50 a gallon.
Remember that when you read about all the working middle class families declaring bankruptcy.
Remember that when we still do not have a sane health care system.
Remember that when more conservative judges are put on the SC.
You remember that vote you made in Nov. 2008 and be proud of how you stuck it to the Democrats in 2008.

(I also have a bad feeling that if McCain is elected and we then go to war with Iran there will just not be enough troops to go around and we will have to re-institute the draft. I'm sorry my son is now 16. In 2 years he will have to sign up for selective service. I refuse, REFUSE to allow my child to go to war to prove how big George Bush or John McCain's penises are....cause really we all know that in the end that would be what a war with Iran would be about.)

On a much nicer note I have been meaning to post about the honeysuckle at my house that has been allowed to run wild in some areas. It has been blooming the past week or so and when it is humid or very warm my whole yard smells like a memory of a southern Gothic novel, like walking though honeysuckle wine. (I stole that last bit from Neil Gaiman)
Deep and cloying and just a tad bit decadent.


lorrwill said...

Julie this is so well written that it makes me want to cry.

Vintage Sue said...

You got it going on! Although I, too, prefer Obama, it's 200% more important to get a Democrat back here in DC.

And BTW, I nearly always vote Supreme Court. WE may not be around in 30 years, but these old farts will. Remember, they are LIFETIME appointments. What they decide will affect our children and grandchildren. Most justices serve 20+ years.

164 shopping days until the election!

tangobaby said...

Julie, this post is really powerful. You are so clear in your writing about politics and I find myself agreeing with you a lot.

And thank you for sharing about the honeysuckles...I wish they grew out here in SF.