Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like Christmas and My Birthday Combined!

This is going to be the BEST. SHOW.EVAH!

Via Jezebel.
Remember all those over-privileged spoiled brats from My Super Sweet 16? Well, MTV has enlisted kids from past episodes to star in Exiled. The hook? In each episode, each one of the kids is sent to a different third world country to live with a family and "learn" the meaning of hard work and the meaninglessness of material possessions .

I think I watched about 15 min of one or two episodes of My Sweet 16 cause Josh loved sitting and laughing at the girls and their parents. I just could not stand the show.
Exiled on the other hand sounds like it is gonna be made of awesome.
I enjoy nothing better then spoiled little rich girls having to face reality.
Hope that MTV is paying the host families tons o' money to put up with these brats.
I can't wait!

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