Friday, June 15, 2007

Vintage Skirts

I'm surprised by the lack of love shown to vintage separates.
A vintage 50's skirt or blouse is just the thing to spice up your wardrobe
when you don't feel like going "all the way" vintage or vintage dresses just
don't seem to fit you right.

I was browsing around and found a couple of super cute skirts.

This 70's wrap around skirt is on ebay right now with a starting bid of $19.
Look, it has KITTIES on it.
Pink and blue Kitties.
With mice.
From Paddyrags.

I love the pink and brown colors on this skirt with flowers, frogs and butterflies from Abbys Vintage on ebay.

Monkeys folks...monkeys and creepy clowns on a 50's circle skirt at
Dress To Thrill Vintage.
I'm dying here.

Clowns freak me out, but monkeys make everything better.

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