Monday, June 25, 2007

30's Glamour

When I think of the 1930's I think of bias cut gowns and slinky pajama sets and cigarettes in long holders. This is one of the reasons Sunset Boulevard is a favorite movie, besides Gloria Swanson's sadly sweet batshit crazy turn as Norma Desmond, the clothes and lingerie that she wears from her days of fame really are spectacular.
The 2 vintage bias cut gowns, though not as fab as Norma Desmond's, above are listed over at
Damn Good Vintage.

Now just yesterday a friend got a lot of lovely 30's vintage pajama sets along with this Munsingwear box. Here is a close up of the quite glamorous gal in her slinky pajama set. I love it.
Love the Deco background, love the green and really love the red and black set.
I bet Norma would have worn it.

If you love the 30's you might want to watch Dorothea's Closet for the next week or so for some really amazing 1920's and 1930's (one set has the best red and black Scottie Dog button...squee!) vintage lingerie.

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