Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yes, I should be working on my listings for ebay, I've got
stuff to move outa the house. Nice vintage slip lot.
But I am not....
Why not?
'Cause I have been watching the scariest Dr. Who evah.
Scary, very that not gory kinda way with stone
angels who do bad things.
I so love Dr. Who when it has been as good as the last few
weeks. First the 2 Family of Blood episodes and now
this one.

God, I love YouTube and folks who are willing to say
screw BBC and their copyright.
If not for them then those of us not fortunate enough to have
BBC on Demand would be stuck waiting around for the SciFi
Channel to get around to running the episodes.

Don't worry SciFi, I'll be watching them all over again
beginning next month, but a girl has gotta get her Doctor fix.
Now just make sure you bring back Dresden Files and I'll be a
happy gal.

Don't turn around and don't blink.....

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