Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freecycle Retro Score

Freecycle is a great idea.
Unfortunately people are involved.
Normally I only give away...I think I have gotten 3 things from Freecycle; printer ink, an ugly recliner that my hubby loves and today's score.
I'm a giver.
I throw stuff out on the drive and say "first comes, first served", which I can only do on the metro Little Rock list and not the local Saline County list since the county list won't let you just leave the stuff out because, get this:
" Curbside or "porch" post are not allowed on Freecycle. With the high price of gas these days, if more than one member heads that direction to pick up your item, the other is out more than just the item, they're out the gas that it took to get there. Then I get angry emails."

Do I come across as someone who cares?

I leave it out on the driveway because people some people are stupid and rude and if you make arrangements they don't show up and they don't call to cancel. And then after you have given it away they are upset that you did not wait for them to just "show up" someday.
There are also the folks who want to tell me how hard up they are and why I should save my crap for them.
Or the folks who have a problem finding you even with a map and call and call and call and call.
Don't care.
Just want it gone without much to much contact.
What? You say bitch like it is a bad thing.

I'm also not one of those folks who care what they will do with my old stuff after it leaves my house; sell it, burn it have wild monkey sex with...I.Do.Not.Care.

All that being said freecycle does come in handy when you are looking for a 50's or 60's record/radio cabinet for your living room and don't want to pay money.


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