Friday, June 08, 2007


Requiem in pace

Today one of the best women I have ever known in my life
passed away after a 2 or 3 year battle with cancer.
Peggy Adams was an amazing friend, mother, wife, lover of life and human.
She had a huge heart, a fantastic laugh, a generous spirit and
a hell of a sense of humor.

This world is poorer for her absence, but our
lives are SO much richer having had the honor of knowing her.
From Peggy I learned that one could drive with a big ass rabbit in their
lap and that a sofa did belong in the kitchen and that life is too short
to fuck around worrying.
So tonight I'm raising my G&T in her honor.
Here's to you Peggy.

ETA: Peggy's Myspace page has some great pics of her.
Here is a write up on the Arkansas Times Blog.
And here is a bit of her obituary:

PEGGY LOPEZ ADAMS was 36 on May, 27, 2007. Although she left this life on June 8, 2007, following a two-and-a half year battle with cancer, her spirit will remain with us forever. She is survived by her husband, Steve; daughters Chloe, 11, Simone, 9; and son Loic, 5. All three children were home schooled by Peggy.

She was preceded by her father, Edwin Lopez, of Orlando, Fla. Additional survivors are her mother, Elba Lopez, and the families of her sister, Maxi, and brothers Edwin, Steven, and Clyde and 15 nieces and nephews, all of Orlando; and her mother and father in-law, Gay and Tom Adams and brothers-in-law Jason and Bryan Adams.

She leaves countless friends, many admirers, and many more who, when reminded of her, will warmly recall their vivid first impressions of a tough, beautiful woman who never suffered fools. Though it’s too often said of others, it was indeed true that Peggy transformed the room just by being in it. Her energy and charm were infectious; they sweetened a strength of character driven by a stubborn honesty. It was easy to envy Peggy. She kept her whole family on their toes and had the respect of everyone she knew, whether she intimidated them or loved them or both. Peggy will be missed, and she will be celebrated.

So Sad.

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