Monday, December 11, 2006

How Many More Shopping Days Till Christmas?

The question was asked on a message board:

have you even started your christmas shopping yet

My answer? hahahahahahahahaha

No really...hahahahahahahahahaha

Actually we did manage to get a "lobotomize your teen" Wii, and it is doing its job very nicely, thankyouvermuch.

We have an extra paycheck this month sooooo the very over the top consumption (of which I am, as always, asshamed of but am doing my patriotic duty in making sure our economy continues to chug along until the next election) that is the hallmark Christmas to me (and probably makes baby Jesus cry) each year.

Gotta buy my hubby's liquor request and DVD's, few more things for The Boy and lots 'o gift cards for others....

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