Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Dress for a Dame

We all know there is nothing like a Dame.
I've always liked the word dame. I hope someday I will be remembered as such.
"she was a great dame"
"she was one tough dame"
I think of a Dame as a gal who knows who she is. Can be tough when she needs to be, but knows when mercy is called for.
Great in bed.
Feminine without being prissy.

Normally the word brings to mind 40's stars like Katherine Hepburn,
Joan Crawford or Bette Davis....of course I think the last two would say the other was just a bitch.

This dress is made for a dame...think Faye Dunaway.
Yes it is 70's.
Yes it is flame orange and not black.
But it is FABULOUS and from Luis Estevez a designer who, in my humble opinion, receives nowhere near the accolades he deserves.

From the seller, Catbooks1940s
" This fabulous Estevez evening gown is from the 1970s, and is so very representative of his work from this period. It's a real entrance-making dress.
Very sexy, with the plunging draped surplice bodice, yet sophisticated and elegant at the same time. That particular trick was part of his genius. "

Now I could leave this post here and just send you on your way to purchase this dress from Joan. Except you need to make sure you look at her other items. I am continually amazed at what she finds.

She has an amazing eye and each and every item in her eBay store is excellent. There is an exquisite Matsuda Fishtail Jacket, a perfect Marimekko two-piece dress, a super sexy sculptural purple Thierry Mugler jacket and an Ungaro Victorian style dress I would dearly love to own. Her pictures are lovely and almost every listing is a small lesson in fashion history. So take some time and swing by Catbooks1940s and spend sometime looking around.

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