Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lost & Found & Browncoats

YES! I know I normally discuss vintage clothes.
Lovely, lovely clothes, but I have to say....

and you need to stop reading now if you do not want a Lost
spoiler. Here's a bit of eyecandy to keep you happy.

Ok. and really this is not that much of a spoiler, not like those assclowns who went all over the internet the day before Half Blood Prince came out screaming "SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!!!"

bastards .....

The last episode of Lost was just killer.
Kate finally doing the nasty with, OMG HAUT Sawyer Manliness
and the awesome evil Jack. Oh they all added up to a great episode. But what made, and I mean MADE my night was Kate opening the hotel door and who was standing there but Capt. Reynolds.


Oh Mal (that is him above for the uninitiated) I lurv you.

I still miss Firefly.

Damn you Fox.

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Hoardmeister said...

I didn't know Michael J. Fox was on "Lost."