Friday, November 10, 2006

20's Decadence

Gentle readers you know of my love of 40's style, but I
really love anything old, beautiful and with just a bit of
over the top Nora Desmond type decadence.
This 20's metallic, fur trimmed jacket from
The Purse Diva over on Mainstreet Vintage
really fits the bill.

This coat is just spectacular. Colors are truly wonderful
- super rich - black, rust, and gold. Metallic floral, somewhat
Asian feel to the design. Giant glamorous black fox fur cuffs
and collar accent the overall design.

Evening martinis, cool jazz, bias cut gowns.....
Of course one really needs to have an amazing sense of style
to carry off a jacket like this. If you are a reader of this blog I
know you have that in spades.


The Purse Diva said...

Thanks so much Julie! :-)

Hey, it sold!!

Lindsay said...

Yep, Hopefully this one will win me the vintage clothing contest next year as well! Thanks Guys!