Sunday, November 26, 2006

Readers are a snotty bunch or an excuse to use Neil and Sandman pics in a post:

Sorry folks, but I just wanted to comment on reading a bit more.

Let start off by saying that I LOVE to read. I read all the time…anything.
I think the act of reading releases chocolate like endorphins in my brain.
It is a pleasure for me to read. (Well except for out-loud. I hated reading out-loud in school. Not because I could not read, but because I was 3 pages ahead and never had the right place when it was my turn. Plus I do not read well out-loud. My son was quite happy when he discover books on tape so he could hear the books he wanted without having to listen to me.)
I do not remember ever not being able to read.

It is not a pleasure for my husband. He ONLY reads for information. Reading is a chore for him. In case you think he is a dullard he had 4.0s all though highschool and was on the Dean’s list at a college not in Arkansas. Even comes from a family of readers, folks who always had one or two books going at a time, tons of books lying around.

My son is like his father, reads for informational purposes.
I’m not sure. They both are more logic/spatial type folks.
They both use documentaries extensively to learn more about their areas of interest.
Thank God for Netflix.
My son finds the internet a great source of information.
Luckily my husband is an adult and does what he wants and my son is lucky to live in a family that believes forcing someone to read makes them hate reading more.

(case in point: 2 teens, my nephew and a neighbor boy. Both very early readers, neither reads for pleasure anymore because they are constantly forced to read “for their own good” books that they hate/find boring. How often, as an adult to you force yourself to read a novel that you find boring? You don’t. You bemoan the fact you spent money on the drivel or send it back to the library.
And did anyone see the Southpark episode where everyone was labeled ADD and dyslexic because they fell asleep having The Great Gatsby read to them?
Who wouldn’t? )

I wish he felt the same about reading that I do. I wish everyone did.
But that is my point.
Not everyone likes the act of reading. There is no pleasure involved and for some it is a painful, hard chore.
We readers are a snotty bunch. We deride those who do not like reading.
Sigh and say how much they are missing by not picking up a book.
Assume they are slow, not intelligent, rednecks even.

I bet math geeks could say the same about those of us who do not find…well find what ever it is about math that gives them pleasure.

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