Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Mommy

I have been almost AWOL from my computer, except to check email and deal with sales for the last week.

The Boy had to have World Of Warcraft again after watching the South Park episode.
That was fine with me, lots of reading and such involved, he gets to kill mutant zebras thus working out all of his teenage angst and rage.
The wrinkle in the plan is that MY computer is the only one that will play the damn game.


So there has been lots 'o getting and fetching and "yes mom"s going on around here to keep me happy and allowing access to WOW.
How good of a mommy am I?

All of this means that I neglected to show what I got last weekend on my vintage hunt:
Men's Rockabilly Wool Jacket
20 Life Magazines from the war years
Cool aqua, deco water jug for the fridge

In the meantime I also have picked up a 70's green plush faux fur pea coat, a vintage Pendleton Men's robe, some great stilettos from the 50's and more fabrics.

Alas I have no pictures.
I am also catching up and will be adding Posh Girl Vintage and Dorthea's Closet on my vintage blog roll.

In the meantime that beauty above is part of, what will hence forth be known as The Zaftig Goddess once-a-month lingerie auctions.
It is gorgeous.
30's bias cut gown of the softest silk charmuse with silk crepe ruffles and lace.
Best part? That robe!!
Also listed a 20's peach silk slip or gown and some other pretty unmentionables.
Check out my auctions here.

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