Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday At The Sales

Well it was a great day, in the 70's and I found some really wonderful vintage stuff
to list and, well, to keep.

I got tons of 70's fabric.
Yards of vintage purple velveteen.
A few yards of atomic print barkcloth, looks like little martini glasses in front of a TV.
A vintage cape with fake faux leopard needs some new buttons.
The BEST, bestbestbestbest thing I got was this vintage straw and Lucite purse.

It is almost like the purse a few posts down
that is on my watch list, almost, but this one is mine.
All mine.
I will carry it all winter and thumb my nose at
the fashionistas who scoff at my
after Labor Day use of straw.

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dorotheasclosetvintage said...

Hey hey. Just actually saying hey. Decided this morning I needed a little more blog with my breakfast....I do the fug, dressaday, white trash mom...a few others. I've started my own but it bores ME so I cant imagine who will read it! Yours is to find the time! I'll be a regular now! Nice work, and love the barkcloth!!!! Ang