Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On My Watch List

This 30's gown from, Lucitebox on ebay, may just be one of the most luscious, beautiful things I have ever seen.
Besides the color, I do have a thing for emerald green, the lace treatment is just to die for. I love the way it is inset on the sleeve ends, there is a burn out velvet look to it.

Pre Raphaelite is what comes to mind.

From the listing:
I was so smitten with it, I couldn't stop shooting pictures. There's a lovely draped, cowl-like neckline that has an asymmetrical closure. The sleeves are outstanding. They're bell sleeves in velvet trimmed in ornately detailed lace. (There's even lace inset into the velvet.) There are two seams below the waist and a long velvet cord belt--and it just keeps getting better. The bias cut skirt trails down to form a long, glamazon train. (That's got a loop on it so that you can sashay around--martini in one hand, train in the other.)

Glamazon train with a loop!! How can you resist.
You can bid on this lovely piece of history here.

ETA: Erin over on Dress A Day came up with the perfect way to describe this dress...Lady of Shalott.


Wendy said...

The English major weighing in here: It's "Shalott."

What an amazing dress.

And while we're on the subject, the Vanity Fair pegnoir ? dressing gown -- that would be the word -- arrived, and it is a stunner. It goes in the category of all-time favorite pieces (and I'm 62...that's a lot of clothes-competition). Color, fit, wit, design, comfort. WOW.


Julie The Zaftig Goddess said...

Dur, thanks Wendy, fixed the typo....
I'm sosososososo happy you like the gown. It really is one of those things that
I would not have sold if it fit.